Farewell to Gary Goodson

Gary Goodson

The staff of The Libraries wish Gary Goodson, Outreach Library Assistant in the Briscoe Library, all the best as he and his wife Robin prepare to move to Atlanta. Gary’s last day in the library was Thursday, September 23.

Gary has made many significant contributions to the library’s outreach programs. Thanks to his efforts, the Circuit Librarian Health Information Network (CLHIN) website has been revamped, and we now have online evaluation instruments for our outreach activities. Gary has also prepared  monthly newsletters for all CLHIN participants. He represented The Libraries at several health fairs, and  provided valuable program support at the evidence-based practice summer institute in July. He has also done a masterful job coordinating the renewal of our contracts with CLHIN institutions.

Once settled in Atlanta, Gary will continue his online studies in the Master’s of Library Science program at the University of North Texas, while his wife completes a fellowship in public health at the Centers for Disease Control.  We wish them all the best!