10 things to love about The Libraries’ online services

National Library Week is April 10-16, and to help celebrate we’re highlighting the best services just for you, through our website.

#1. Access thousands of ebooks and articles from anywhere, for free

Off campus? Out of town? You can still access tons of materials through the library’s website.  Before starting your research visit the library’s website and sign in with your UTHSCSA domain username and password, or with your badge number and library PIN. From there you’ll be able to access materials just as you would from on campus.

#2. Study using video and interactive reference materials

The library’s online collection goes way beyond just ebooks and articles.  If video or interactive learning is more your style, we’ve got you covered.  Check out the amazing 3D interactive imagery of Anatomy.TV, or the helpful video libraries from AccessSurgery or Bates Physical Exams, among others.

#3. Research and clinical reference directly from your smartphone

If you’ve got a smartphone, your library is in your pocket.  On the library’s mobile website, http://uthscsa.mobi/library, we offer links to reference databases that are optimized for use on mobile devices.  You can look up articles directly on your phone using mobile versions of PubMed or CINAHL, or refer to full-text mobile ebooks like Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment using AccessMedicine and Stat!Ref.

#4. Convenient learning on your schedule

The library offers a variety of classes on everything from PubMed to poster creation but if you can’t make it to one of the scheduled sessions don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: we offer recorded versions of some of our classes along with video tutorials and step by step guides. If it’s more individualized instruction you’re looking for, you can set up a one-on-one consultation with a librarian that fits your busy schedule.

#5. Have the PMID? Link directly to the full text!

Direct linking to full text can be a pain but there’s an easier and faster way to share articles. Using the UTHSC Link Tool you can plug in any PMID, or a number of other identifiers, and instantly create a shorter, readable link to full-text articles that won’t break and can be shared through any means.

#6. Upgrade your research with new online tools

Need to know if we have a book before you buy it from Amazon? Having trouble keeping all of your documents, web pages, and pdf’s organized effectively? Want a faster way to get a citation from a journal article, chapter of a book, or web page? The library’s Research Tools can help you with all of these, and more.

#7. Easy on-the-fly printing to library printers from anywhere

Have you ever needed to print out a journal article or a research paper, but thought you could only do it from the library’s computers? You don’t have to use a library computer to print to the libraries printers — you can send a print job right from your own computer. Just follow a few simple instructions to install our printers on your Mac or Windows computer.

#8. Order books and articles from thousands of other libraries

Is there an item you need that we don’t own? The library will order articles and borrow books from other libraries for you, most often completely free of charge. Our Interlibrary Loan service is free for all university students, faculty, and staff.

#9. Get your questions answered by phone, email or instant messaging

Have a question? Don’t get hung up on just one type of help; we offer reference service by phone, email, and instant messaging so you can contact us at the desk or on the run.

#10. We’re listening to you!
This National Library Week, tell us what else you like (or would like to see) on our site. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas to improve our online services.  Let us know!

Briscoe Library Web Team
Kelley Minars, Eric Willman, Luke Rosenberger