Safeguarding the library’s collection: Security exit procedure

Library staff are charged to safeguard the library collections.  The Briscoe Library exit gate is designed to detect the removal of library materials.  An alarm will sound if any library item passes through the gate.  To avoid the alarm sounding, materials should be passed to Circulation Desk staff prior to walking through the exit gate.  Circulation staff will then return the materials after checking the items’ borrowed status. 

If the alarm sounds, you will be stopped by Circulation staff and asked to check for library materials in your possession.  This ensures that items are properly checked out.  We hope that this will reduce the number of overdue and missing books. 

Library staff wants to be sure that materials are available for the widest possible use.  Thank you for assisting us in preserving our library collection.  If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding this procedure, please contact Chris Gaspard at or (210) 567-2429.