Journal cancellation list: Please take time to review possible titles

In the May issue of the newsletter, we posted a list of possible journal and database cancellations for 2012.  If you have not reviewed the list and sent comments, please take the time to do so.  Comments can be sent to John Weed, Head of Collection Resources,


2 Responses to “Journal cancellation list: Please take time to review possible titles”

  1. Forister says:

    I don’t know how often it is accessed, but are you sure you want to do away with Medical Teacher? There are only a few journals such as Academic Medicine that cover the subject area. The content covers one of the key missions of the university.

  2. Cesar O. Freytes says:

    The Journal of Clinical Oncology, should not be cancelled. It is the most read clinical oncology journal, although many people has personal subscriptions, many students and housestaff do not. I would make it available at least in electronic form.