Librarians attend Medical Library Association annual meeting

The Medical Library Association held its annual meeting on May 13-18 in Minneapolis.  Two UT Health Science Center librarians, Jonquil Feldman, Director of Briscoe Library Services, and Keith Cogdill, Ph.D., Director of South Texas Regional Information Services, attended the meeting.

Jonquil Feldman served on a panel discussing resources for managing scholarly publications.  She spoke on SciVal® Experts, a resource that identifies campus expertise and enables collaboration.  She also judged research papers for the Research Awards Committee and completed a term on the Awards and Scholarship Committee, where she participated on the Jury for the David A. Kronick Traveling Fellowship.  The Kronick Fellowship is named for David A. Kronick, Ph.D. , the Briscoe Library’s first director.

Keith Cogdill, a 2010 recipient of the Kronick award, made a presentation on his study of libraries at four new medical schools which he visited in connection with the award.  He also presented a paper on the Frontera Collaboration of health sciences libraries along the US-Mexico border, and participated in events related to his fellowship this year in a leadership program organized by the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) with sponsorship from the National Library of Medicine.