Report documents growth in open access journals

A recent issue of PLoS ONE ( includes an article summarizing the growth in open access (OA) journals. Since the early 1990s the number of OA journals has grown significantly, with more than 6,000 titles now included in the Directory of Open Access Journals ( These journals rely on fees paid by authors and other sources of revenue in place of subscription fees. The article reports that the number of OA journals has increased by 18% annually since 1993, while the overall number of journal titles has increased 3.5% annually in the same time period. The article is available from PLoS ONE’s website:

Laakso M, Welling P, Bukvova H, Nyman L, Björk B-C, et al. 2011 The Development of Open Access Journal Publishing from 1993 to 2009. PLoS ONE 6(6): e20961.

Since January 2008 NIH has required that any report of research sponsored by NIH be available from PubMed Central ( within 12 months of its publication in a journal. For more information about the NIH public access policy, visit

Journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals are included in the library’s E-Journal list and individual articles can be retrieved by using the “Find at UTHSCSA” button in many databases.

Keith Cogdill
Director of South Texas Regional Information Services