Staff Directory

Office of the Director

Staff Member Title Email Phone
Owen Ellard, MLIS, MA Senior Director of Libraries (210) 567-2413
Herlinda Howard Business Administrator for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs and Library (210) 567-2407
Sharon Leach Administrative Assistant (210) 567-2408
Robert Zuniga Senior Library Clerk (210) 567-2084

Collection Resources

Staff Member Title Email Phone
Andrea Schorr, MSIS Head of Collection Resources (210) 567-2403
Dana Whitmire, MSLS Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian (210) 567-2464
Melissa DeThorne Special Collections Library Assistant (210) 567-2470
Ron Mesa Collection Resources Library Assistant (210) 567-2450
Patty Tello Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant (210) 567-2413
Walter Creech Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant (210) 567-2460

Simulation and Immersion Technology

Staff Member Title Email Phone
John Weed, MSIS Head of Simulation and Immersion Technology (210) 567-2479
Jeremy Mercier, MSIS Head of Library Technology (210) 562-6805

Outreach & Community Engagement

Staff Member Title Email Phone
Peg Seger, MLIS Head of Outreach & Community Engagement (210) 567-6398
Kelley Minars, MLIS Web Services Librarian (210) 567-2483
Lisa Matye Finnie, MLS Special Collections Librarian & Assistant Records Manager (210) 567-2406

Library Liasons

Staff Member Title Email Phone
Jonquil Feldman, MALS, AHIP Director of Briscoe Library and Outreach Services (210) 567-2430
Chris Gaspard, MSLS Liaison to the School of Medicine (210) 567-2429

Circulation Services

Staff Member Title Email Phone
Luis Barcenes Supervisor of Circulation Services (210) 567-2485
Maria Mota Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2497
Albert Ramirez Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2435
Steve Slaten Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2446
David Alvarez Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2435
Juan Jaime Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2439
Richard Kaye Access Services Library Assistant (210) 567-2440