eBook and eJournal users: The Libraries have a new link resolver

Beginning with the new UT Health Science Center Libraries website redesign in late December, Find at UTHSCSA will become HSCLink.  When searching for articles, whether in PubMed, Ovid, CINAHL, Google Scholar, or another database instead of the familiar blue Find at UTHSCSA button, library users will find HSCLink.

will become

Find at UTHSCSA and HSCLink are both link resolvers, software that allows library users to go from a database entry directly to the article of choice in one or two clicks.  The UT Health Science Center Libraries are in the process of changing to a new link resolver.  Collection Resources librarians, along with our Web Services librarian, are working to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Pages on the library’s website that will be affected by this change are the e-journal page (currently http://uthscsa.1cate.com/) and the e-book page (currently http://uthscsa.1cate.com/?rft_val_fmt=ebooks).  The look and feel of the new link resolver pages will be slightly different but the functionality will be essentially the same.  Each of the new pages will have a new Web address so any bookmarks you stored for these pages will require updating.

Collection Resources librarians are testing the link resolver from various sources to ensure proper linking.  Although we are attempting to keep problems to a minimum, as with any change of this magnitude we expect a small number of problems to surface.  If you experience any issues with the new link resolver, whether the problem is incorrect linking, an error message, or something completely different, please let us know so we can investigate and fix the problem.  Contact us at AskaLibrarian@uthscsa.edu or use the “report a problem” link at the bottom of each link resolver page.

Librarians are excited about the new link resolver and expect it will continue to be a useful tool for library users.

John Weed, Head of Collection Resources