Literature Search Services

Librarians are available to conduct searches of a variety of databases, including some that are not available for self-searching. Charges for search services may vary depending on user affiliation, preparation and search time, and database vendor charges.

Who can place a mediated search request?

Online searches can be requested by Health Science Center-affiliated faculty and staff members, area health professionals, and community members for personal use. You will be contacted by a librarian to discuss your request if clarification is needed.

How long does it take?

Maximum turn-around time is usually 24 to 48 hours. Except for searches that are requested in situations of clinical emergency for patient care, mediated searches are not completed on the weekends or holidays. Non-emergency searches received on a weekend or holidays will be referred to a librarian on the next business day.

What will I receive?

Search results in the form of a list of citations will be emailed.
For additional information, call the Library’s On-Call Librarian at (210) 567-2450.