Emergency Building Evacuation Procedures

For general guidelines, refer to the UT Police Emergency Preparedness Manual.

Campus Status information can be found on this site: http://www.uthscsa.edu/status.asp.

When a fire alarm sounds inside the library building, or in the event of a campus emergency situation the following steps must be taken to evacuate the library:

  • Designated Evacuation Team Members are responsible for grabbing their cell phones to communicate with staff on the other floors and with the Evacuation Team.
  • Evacuation team members on each floor are responsible to evacuate staff and patrons through the nearest exit in a timely manner and to minimize possible injury from the hazards of the emergency (i.e. smoke, burns).
  • Check the stacks, seating area and restrooms for lagging library users; make sure they exit through the nearest available door.  If a user refuses to leave the building, note the user’s location and continue to evacuate the building.  Give information on where they were last seen to the emergency crews when they arrive.
  • Physically challenged persons will be accompanied/assisted out of the building.  See Appendix 1 for a map showing exits and the location of the emergency exit chair.  Should this not be feasible, the escort must get them to emergency exit such as the stairwell, ask others to inform emergency crews of their whereabouts and remain with them until further assistance arrives.
  • In the process of evacuating the building, staff should inspect their floors for smoke, fire, injuries or other emergencies and relay this information to the Evacuation Team Coordinator.  Only attempt to put out a fire if it is small and you have been trained to use the fire extinguisher.
  • Upon evacuation, library staff are to meet at the designated meeting place, which is the motorcycle area of Lot 2, close to Dental Drive.   Each supervisor or designee should attempt to account for his/her staff.  See Appendix 6 for details on Departmental Emergency Evacuation Procedures. Library staff at the designated meeting place will be notified via radio when the Safety Officer gives the all clear to return to the library building.
  • Only UT Police, the Fire Chief, or Environmental Health & Safety officers can give the all clear to return to the building.
  • The Evacuation Team Coordinator and the Disaster Team Leader will remain near the library entrance (if safe) to keep people from entering the building, unless they are emergency personnel, and to act as liaison between emergency services and library administration
  • Upon return, please check your work areas for any damage to personal property, workspace and the building that were not there before the alarm, and report them to the building fire marshal or library administration office.
  • On evenings or weekends, the Evening/Weekend Manager on duty will send available staff to evacuate the floors.  The manager will remain on the 3rd floor, notify UT Police of the alarm and send officers to help with evacuation and crowd control.


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