April 18: Noon hour program introduces documentary exhibit on San Antonio’s Haven for Hope

Haven for Hope

Faces of Hope, photos by Marie Langmore, will be on display in the Briscoe Library beginning April 18.

Marie Langmore, photographer

George Block, President and CEO of Haven for Hope

Wednesday, April 18, noon to 1:00 p.m.

Howe Conference Room, Briscoe Library 5th floor

In 2010 San Antonio portrait photographer Marie Langmore began work on a different kind of project, photographing clients at Haven for Hope, San Antonio’s transformational campus for the homeless that was nearing completion just west of downtown. An exhibit of Langmore’s documentary photographs, Faces of Hope, will open with a noon-hour program in the Howe Conference Room of the Briscoe Library on Wednesday, April 18. George Block, President and CEO, will join Marie Langmore to speak about the mission of Haven for Hope.

“Everyone has a story to tell and it is often displayed in their simple gestures, the way they choose to look at the camera, or a telling expression on their face,” Marie Langmore says. The Haven for Hope project put her behind the lens of her camera as witness to emotions ranging from the spontaneous joy of childhood friendship, to solitude, the contemplation of loss, and tender bonds that unite parents and their children in the midst of hardship. According to the Haven for Hope website, (http://www.havenforhope.org/new/) homelessness in Texas has increased 15.9% since 2008, and 23% of the homeless are veterans. On any given night there will be approximately 1600 individuals residing on the Haven for Hope campus.

Faces of Hope will be on display in the Lecture Hall Commons of the School of Medicine and on the 3rd floor of the Briscoe Library through June. The April 18 program in the Howe Conference Room is open to all. Attendees are invited and encouraged to bring their lunches. For more information contact Susan Hunnicutt, Special Projects Librarian: hunnicutt@uthscsa.edu.