Update on Briscoe Library renovations

Photograph of seven shelves left on the 5th floor of the briscoe library

Seven ranges of shelving remain of the book collection on the 5th floor of the Briscoe Library. Eventually, the remaining books will be removed, and the 5th floor public area will be configured for study and learning space.

Construction for the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education on the 5th floor of the Briscoe Library building is winding down, with a projected opening date in May.  During the late fall and spring, librarians and library staff have been busy identifying books and journals that could be “weeded” from the library’s collection in order to create space for improved student study and learning spaces in the library.

On the 4th floor, 20,619 bound journal volumes for which the library has reliable electronic access were removed from the shelves and recycled.  This process affected over 850 titles in the library’s collection.  Following this process the remaining print journals for which the library does not have electronic access were consolidated onto a smaller number of shelves.  Librarians also reviewed the book collection to identify books that were out of date or had little or no circulation.  These books were weeded from the collection, a process that is continuing.  To date, over 12,000 books have been removed from the shelves.

The long range plan is to devote the public area of the 5th floor to student study and learning space and to have all of the book collection moved to the 4th floor where print journals are also shelved.  Currently seven shelf ranges of books remain on the 5th floor, with the majority of the book collection relocated to the 4th floor.  As book weeding continues, the plan will be to reduce and finally eliminate the books shelves on the 5th floor.  In the interim the book collection is split between two floors, with the call number ranges of A to WR on the 4th floor and WS to Z on the 5th floor.

A task force will be working with a library design consultant to plan for the best ways to transform the current Briscoe Library into a library of the future.  Comments are welcome and can be sent to Rajia Tobia, Executive Director of Libraries, tobia@uthscsa.edu.