Access E-journals quickly on your smartphone or tablet at the Briscoe Library

QR codes in the Briscoe Library provide access to online resources

QR Codes in the stacks of the Briscoe Library now provide smart phone users with easy access to some online resources.

The majority of our journal access is online and now we offer a fast way for you to find the latest issues:  When you see a yellow card on the shelves, scan the QR code and view the journal on your smart phone or other mobile device.

The QR code labels are being placed in the print journal stacks where a print journal subscription ends and the online subscription begins.  The QR code is linked directly to the online version of the journal, taking you directly to a list of issues available for viewing.  If your smart phone is using a data plan, the QR code link will first take you to the library’s login page and you will need to login before using the online journal.  If your smart phone or tablet device is connected to the Health Science Center’s wireless network, you will be connected automatically  to the journal’s mobile website without the need to log in.

For the time being, only current journals with mobile sites are labeled.  As more and more of these sites are integrated to mobile standards, we will incorporate codes for easy access from the stacks.  QR code readers such as ScanLife are available through the App Store.

Have any questions or comments?  Contact Dana Whitmire, Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian,