Barn swallows call Briscoe loading dock home

Barn Swallows babies: Briscoe Library Loading Dock, July 2012Barn swallows have taken up residence in the Briscoe Library loading dock, and recently, we observed that we have barn swallow babies.  And this is not the first time!

A couple of years ago the  loading dock became home to a pair of North American Barn Swallows. They chose a spot high over the rear entry door to the library. They built an open nest plastered onto a wall and a sprinkler head with construction materials that included bits of mud mixed with grass.  The nest was heavily lined with feathers.



Barn Swallows: Briscoe Loading DockDuring their first year, it is believed the barn swallows had three clutches of eggs.  In time, library staff witnessed the newly hatched birds being fed by their parents and growing into adulthood. They were seen flying around and darting in and out of the dock area catching and feeding insects to their young.

Our current family of barn swallow chicks was first observed in late June. Every morning we arrive to their long and twittering song. In some books on swallows, it’s said that the female selects the healthiest male by listening to his song.

Robert Zuniga, Senior Clerk