Mobile ebooks? Check the library first!

Are you looking for electronic books for your studies that you can use from your iPad or mobile device? There are two important reasons to check the library first, before you check the iTunes App Store or Android Market:

First, you can save a lot of money. One of our most popular ebooks is Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, which you can access for free on your mobile device via our library’s subscription to Mobile AccessMedicine.  You’ll find that the very same text is offered in the iTunes App Store for $199.99.  Likewise, in the iTunes App Store you can find the 19th edition of the Merck Manual for $34.99 and the 28th edition of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for $54.99, but both are available for free through Stat!Ref Mobile, which you can access for free through our library’s subscription. The 2012 edition of Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment is available for $74.99 in the iTunes App Store, but you can get it through Mobile AccessMedicine for free.

Second, with the library’s subscriptions, you can have confidence that you are getting the complete text of the work as the author and publisher intended. As Tom Lewis noted last month on the blog iMedicalApps, however, there are a number of apps portraying themselves as medical textbooks on the iTunes App Store that appear to be (partial or total) plagiarized knock-offs of legitimate medical textbooks.  One of those suspicious apps is called “Principles of Internal Medicine”, and appears to be a knockoff of Harrison’s.  Buyer beware… and check the library first!