Updated Citation Export Feature in PubMed

The multi-step process of exporting references from PubMed into EndNote and RefWorks has been updated.  Previously, PubMed searchers had to use the Send to- File- Medline format and then save a file that would then be imported into EndNote, RefWorks, and other citation management programs.

PubMed Send to Citation Manager

In the spring, PubMed added the Send to – Citation Manager option to simplify the process.  Now, using the Send to Citation Manager option, for one or more articles, a file with a ‘nbib’ extension is automatically created.  EndNote users can identify that file as an EndNote usable file with their computer and which permits a double click to begin the import.  RefWorks users should log into RefWorks and manually import the file.

If you need assistance with EndNote, RefWorks or PubMed, please contact us!  We also have a collection of tipsheets and tutorials online for times when a librarian is unavailable.