More upcoming free online courses

A few weeks have passed since we last looked at Massive Open Online Course opportunities, and lots has been happening in the MOOC world since then. Even Thomas Friedman wrote a New York Times op-ed suggesting that MOOCs represented a “budding revolution in global online higher education.” Of course, nearly everything Friedman writes has its vehement critics, and this column was no exception [1] [2], but he’s certainly not the only one thinking hard about the impact of MOOCs on society. This week’s World Economic Forum in Davos considered the impact of MOOCs in a Philanthropic Roundtable called “ Online Education Changing the World.” A complete video of the panel discussion is available on YouTube, as well as some selected highlights in this Harvard Business Review blog post.

So there’s no better time to jump in yourself and see what all the hype is about. Here are some courses coming up in the biomedical and health sciences and beyond, all starting within the next few weeks:

For more, check out the catalogs and upcoming course listings for the Canvas Network, Coursera, and EdX, or check out the very helpful combined listing at Class Central or reviews & ratings at CourseTalk.

Image credit: “THE MOOC! the movie” by Giulia Forsythe CC-BY-NC-SA