Illustrator for the Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations to speak April 10

Dr.-Carlos-MachadoWednesday, April 10

6:00 pm

Howe Conference Room, Briscoe Library

Dr. Carlos Machado, physician and artist for The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, will speak to the History of Medicine Society of the Friends of the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library on April 10, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the evening.  Dr. Machado will speak on the topic: Converging Paths: The Styles of Netter and Machado.

An exhibit, The Artistic Style of Carlos Machado, MD: Selected Illustrations from the Netter Art Collection, is currently on display on the third floor of the Briscoe Library.  The exhibit is on loan from, ©Elsevier.

Before his artistic talents took his career in a different direction, Dr. Machado practiced medicine as a cardiologist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His skill in medical illustration came to the attention of Ciba-Geigy, which at that time controlled the illustration work initiated by Dr. Frank H. Netter.  Dr. Machado has contributed to the Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations for nineteen years, working first for Ciba-Geigy/Novartis, then Icon, and finally Elsevier. He has added over 1,000 new illustrations to the collection, and also updated many of the Netter images to reflect current medical practice and knowledge.

As part of his talk on April 10, Dr. Machado will discuss how his technique has evolved over time, and the factors that influenced his development as an artist. He will discuss his experience working in various media, and comment on similarities and differences between his and Dr. Netter’s professional training, styles, and particular techniques.

Dr. Machado received his medical degree at the Faculdade Medicina de Teresopolis, and his postgraduate degree in cardiology from Santa Casa de Misericordia in Rio de Janeiro.  His illustrations can be seen in Clinical Symposia, The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, and the highly acclaimed Interactive Atlas of Clinical Anatomy.

The Netter Presenter database, which contains images from Netter: Atlas of Human Anatomy 5th Edition, can be accessed online through the database page on the library’s website.

Other Netter anatomical resources, including print resources, can be found by searching with the keyword “Netter” in the library’s online catalog.

Susan Hunnicutt, Special Projects Librarian