Public WiFi is coming to the Briscoe Library

BriscoeWiFiStarting April 1st the Briscoe Library will  offer public WiFi for campus visitors. The new WiFi connection will give any library visitor with their own device the ability to utilize all of the library’s online resources.

Connection is as simple as opening a laptop or other mobile device to look for the network named BriscoeWiFi. Visitors will be prompted to accept the terms of service, and will then have the ability to search all of the library’s materials from their device. Library staff have been trained on how to connect to the new WiFi, and can provide help to anyone who has problems connecting.

The new WiFi will be limited to the Briscoe Library, so faculty, staff, and students should continue to use HSCWave.

If you have any questions please contact Eric Willman, Systems Librarian, at 210-567-2433 or