Librarians present at Medical Library Association conference

Chris and Katie present a poster

Briscoe Librarians made two presentations at the May 2013 Medical Library Association Conference held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Katie Prentice, Angela Myatt, Luke Rosenberger, Chris Gaspard, and Eric Willman prepared the contributed paper, “Animals, Humans, and Librarians: A Library’s Partnership Experience with the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.”   The paper was based on their experiences as members of the IRB and IACUC at the UT Health Science Center.  This paper was presented by Katie Prentice during the “Librarians at Work: Building a One Health Perspective” session.

Chris Gaspard and Katie Prentice created and presented the poster “Focused Library Instruction in Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Care, and Physical Therapy Curricula.”  The paper described a basic framework that has been used to teach students in a variety of programs in all schools at the Health Science Center, and illustrated the integration of library instruction into the HSC curricula.  The poster presented results of instruction in OT, PT, and Respiratory Care programs.  The framework for library instruction in the medical, dental, and nursing schools has been represented in previous posters.

Overall, integration of library instruction into the HSC curricula continues to be a rewarding and collaborative opportunity for the HSC librarians.

Katie Prentice, Head of Education and Information Services
Chris Gaspard, Head of Access Services and Interlibrary Loan