Seeking cost efficiencies: Joint Library Facility opens at Texas A&M Riverside campus

Joint Library Facility

An 18,000 square-foot facility opened Friday, May 24th on the Texas A&M Riverside campus in Bryan, Texas that will house approximately one million volumes.  The University of Texas and Texas A&M University Systems developed the Joint Library Facility (JLF) to provide storage of print books and journals. Academic and health institutions from the two systems will be able to store materials, and all libraries will be able to use materials from the facility. The building site has enough land for two additional library storage facilities to be built once the current facility reaches capacity.

Joint Library Facility

The Joint Library Facility will receive and store print materials from libraries of the Texas A&M and University of Texas systems.

The facility will reduce costs associated with storing print books and journals from $4.26 per volume each year to 86 cents per volume each year. The facility will help with cost efficiency and allow universities to free up space for higher circulating materials or to create new study spaces. The facility will also allow UT System and Texas A&M University System libraries to eliminate duplications among libraries by storing one copy of infrequently used books and journals. In addition, one copy of print journal volumes for which the system libraries have digital access will be stored. This will accommodate those instances when a print copy is needed or if digital access is lost.

John Weed, Head of Collection Resources, served on the Policies and Procedures task force for the JLF along with several librarians across the state. This task force created guidelines and criteria for selection of materials, recommendations for processing of materials, interlibrary loan policies, and guidelines for delivery of shipments to the facility.