Email Management – Where do you start?

Many of the faculty and staff at the Health Science Center are at a loss as to how to take control of their email.  Which emails need to be kept?  Which can be immediately discarded?  Is it even necessary to do this at all?

The Texas State Library & Archives Commission, the agency that oversees the management of records for all state agencies, has developed a very useful and informative Email Management webinar.  Part 1 is for all state employees and covers laws and rules regarding email as records, how to determine when an email is a record, and how to identify which emails should be kept.  It also discusses ways to organize the email inbox and productivity tips for making email more efficient.  Part 2 contains more advanced knowledge on email management including how to handle the emails of exiting employees.  Each webinar runs only about 1 hour.

The Email Management webinar is available through the library’s Records Management Class webpage.  Contact Anne Comeaux, Records Management Officer, at for more information on the webinar or any other records management questions.