Library education by the numbers

The UT Health Science Center librarians and staff provide a variety of educational opportunities across the Health Science Center.  Many of these classes are embedded in the curriculum and are tailored to meet specific course objectives.  Regular library classes are offered throughout the year in the library and across campuses for specific departments or groups by request.

Class participation

In the last fiscal year, 153 classes were offered and 71 of these were curricular.  Curricular instruction reached 953 students and non-curricular reached nearly 2500 participants including students, faculty, and staff.

Within curricular classes and workshops, all five schools are represented.  When orientations are included, the UT Austin College of Pharmacy and the UT School of Public Health are also represented.

Participation by School

 Library classes are attended by students, faculty, staff, interns, residents and fellows, plus health care professionals and other non-affiliates of the Health Science Center.  Pre-registration on the library website is appreciated (but not required) for regularly offered library classes.

Class Attendees

Library workshops and classes are focused around research skills and database use, but are usually tailored to meet the needs of the group.  The length of classes is also flexible, depending on the content requested.

attendance by topic


Ready to improve your library research skills?  Check out the regular classes or contact Katie Prentice, Head of Library Education and Information Services at (210-567-6606) to set up a special class for your course or department.