Where is the Library link on the new homepage?

The new HSC home page debuted in December after extensive research and planning.  The intent of the new homepage is to quickly direct external users to where they need to go to accomplish key tasks.  That means some links that were primarily directed toward internal audiences are no longer on the first screen of the homepage.

UTHSCSA homepage

Where is the Library link now located?  At the top right of the homepage, there is a link for Quicklinks;  clicking on this link will expand to a list of web resources directed toward internal users of the campus website.  The Library link is located under “More.”  Other frequently used links located under Quicklinks include Blackboard, inside.uthscsa.edu, faculty/staff and student directories, Human Resources, and several other frequently used links.  The A to Z index to the campus website is also located under Quicklinks.  Please contact the library’s service desk at 210-567-2450 or email AskALibrarian if you have questions about locating library resources.

UTHSCSA homepage showing open quicklinks and library link