New Database Page

The library is launching a new database page to help in finding resources among the more than 200 databases accessible through the library.  Databases can be searched by words from the title, by subject, and by the type of format included in the database (full-text, images, video, etc).  Icons are used to readily identify key features of the database.   With the new page, mobile enabled users can browse for resources easily on all of their devices, just like they can on their desktop.  The new database page was developed using a tool called Subjects Plus, created originally by East Carolina State University; now kept current by the University of Miami and Ithaca College.

Created over the course of three months, a team of librarians worked to develop the categories, brief biographies of the resources, and over all look and feel of the database page.  The faculty and student Library Committee as well as the Student Government Association provided feedback about the features and design of the database page.

Database Page -Desktop