History of Medicine Society: 18th Century M&M Conference

Image of Giovanni Morgagni

Shirley Nah, MS II, Charleen Moore, PhD, and Philip T. Valente, MD will present Morbidity & Mortality and Morgagni at the March 2016 History of Medicine Society meeting. Giovanni Morgagni systematically indexed almost 700 postmortem examinations correlating the autopsy findings with the patient’s symptoms.

The P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library will have on display two editions of his monumental work:

  • De Sedibus, et Causis Morborum per Anatomen Indagatis Libri Quinque
    • 2nd edition
    • Published in Padua in 1765
  • The Seats and Causes of Diseases Investigated by Anatomy: In Five Books
    • 1st English edition
    • Published in London in 1769

March 23, 2016
6:00 PM

Briscoe Library
Howe Conference Room (5th floor)

Membership in the History of Medicine Society is free, and meetings are open to the public. Light refreshments (including M&Ms) will be served!

For more information on the History of Medicine Society or the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library, contact Lisa Matye Finnie, Special Collections Librarian, at finnie@uthscsa.edu or 567-2406.