About the Library

Facts and Figures about The Libraries

September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012

Collection Facts

  • Print book and journal volumes:  183,083
  • Print book volumes: 95,553
  • Book titles cataloged: 512
  • Book titles ordered: 365
  • Total unique active health sciences journal titles: 4316
  • Total journals available electronically: 25,000 (estimate)
  • Health Science journals available electronically:  3,832
  • Journals available in print only:  84

*Serials count includes journal titles and serial  standing orders


  • Reference transactions, all locations:  4,365
  • Circulation, all locations: 26,697
  • Classes offered, all locations:  164
  • Attendance at classes:  4,401
  • Interlibrary loan requests filled by other libraries:  2,024
  • Interlibrary loan requests filled for other libraries:  8,041
  • Literature searches completed: 73

Building Use

  • Entrance gate count, all locations:  438,297

Electronic Resource Use

  • Library web pages viewed: 751,331

Most Heavily Used Electronic Journals

  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Nature
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • PLoS One
  • Cancer Research
  • Science
  • Cell
  • Journal of Neuroscience
  • Blood
  • Journal of Immunology
  • Lancet


Faculty from Other Institutions

Faculty at many San Antonio colleges and universities and all state university system faculty are eligible for a wide variety of privileges, including:

  • Books and audio/visual materials
  • Journals—print or electronic, in-house use at any of the UT Health Science Center Libraries
  • Library computers (time limit)
  • Online search service (fee)
  • Photocopy and printing (fee)
  • Typewriter

Due to licensing agreements and contracts, off-site access to electronic journals, books and databases is available only to currently employed or retired faculty and staff, and currently enrolled students.

Note: Faculty from other institutions around the state may qualify as TexShare borrowers.

 Loan periods for circulating material

Material Type

Loan Period

# of Renewals Allowed


14 days



1 week


Print Reserves materials (in-house use only)

3 hours


Library Registration

Faculty from other institutions may register in person at the Briscoe Library Circulation Desk or at the Ramirez or Laredo Regional Campus Libraries.

  • Create an account for book checkout.
  • A Faculty ID card, proof of current employment (if not indicated on the card) and state-issued ID (current driver’s license or passport) are required to register.
  • Borrowing privileges are valid for one year from date of issue and may be extended annually.
  • Registration cannot be renewed until all fines and other obligations have been cleared.

 Library Collection Use

Users may have up to 3 items checked out at any given time. Select library materials may be renewed in person or by calling the Circulation Desk at (210) 567-2440 or on the online catalog. Renewal will be denied if materials have reached their renewal limit, have been recalled, or are overdue.

Floor Plans: Briscoe Library

The Briscoe Library has four floors, numbered 2 through 5. The main entrance is on the 3rd floor.

Second Floor

Library Classrooms Map and Floor Plan

The 2nd floor offers ten lecture classrooms and three small group study rooms which can be reserved through Scheduling and Facilities Data Management. Assistance with the classrooms is provided by the MD Labs office, located on the 2nd floor. Access from the 2nd floor to the upper floors of the Briscoe Library is open Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. – midnight, and Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The 2nd floor classrooms are available as a 24 hour study space. Study space is restricted to UT Health Science Center students, faculty and staff. A card reader entrance located near the 2nd floor lecture hall underneath Subway provides 24 hour access to the classrooms.

The Library Computer Classroom, Room 2.011, can be reserved by emailing askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu or by calling 210-567-2450.

Third Floor

The Briscoe Library main entrance is on the 3rd floor. The reference and reserve collections, Circulation Desk and the library Administration office are also on this floor. Wireless internet is available on every floor.

Library computers (PC and Mac), printers, and scanners are located on the 3rd floor in the Information Commons. Nine group study rooms along the windows facing the parking lot are available by reservation.

Fourth Floor

All print journals and books are shelved on the fourth floor (we also have many current journals electronically).

Campus offices for the Drug Information Service and the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics are also located on this floor. The Collaboratory (Room 4.074) can be reserved for classes, meetings or large group study by emailing askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu or by calling 210-567-2450.


Fifth Floor

The Library’s Special Collections and the Howe Conference Room are located on the Fifth Floor. The X-Ray collection is in Room 5.052. The School of Medicine Office of Undergraduate Medical Education is also on this floor. Group study rooms are available by reservation.

Food and Drink Policy

Drinks are allowed and they need to be in covered containers.

Bugs like food, but so do people, so we’ve decided to allow eating in the library. However, this is a limited privilege: no hot food, no messy food, and, to be polite, no smelly food. Library staff have the authority to determine if your food meets these criteria.

Please use napkins liberally, and clean your hands before using library computers.

For your own comfort, and as a courtesy to your colleagues, we also ask that you clean up after yourself. Trash cans are located all over the library for your convenience. If you make a mess that you’re unable to clean up on your own, tell library staff, who will help you clean it up. You won’t get in trouble for reporting a spill.

And, please — no food deliveries to the library!

Reviewed 11/22/2013

Friends of the P. I. Nixon Medical Historical Library Newsletter 2009

Friends of the P. I. Nixon Medical Historical Library Newsletter 2010

Friends of the P. I. Nixon Medical Historical Library Newsletter 2011

General Guidelines for Briscoe Library Group Rooms

  1. Due to limited availability, only UT Health Science Center (HSC) students, faculty, residents, and staff may use individual or group study rooms. Group study rooms (but not individual rooms) are available for reservation.
  2. Group Use Room Reservations can be made at any Service Desk in the Library or by phone at (210) 567-2440. Reservations may also be made electronically during the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You may be asked for a form of identification (i.e., HSC ID, driver’s license) to verify your HSC status. When making a reservation, be prepared to give one other person’s name in order to ensure that you or someone else are responsible to arrive at the reserved start time (see number 3*). REMINDER: Do not send electronic reservations outside of the indicated time frame. Email and instant messaging (IM) are monitored only during On-Call Librarian/Information open hours. Visit UT HSC Library Get Help Page for email address and IM information.
  3. All rooms available for group use (two or more people) can be used on a scheduled or unscheduled basis, with scheduled group use taking priority. *Room reservations made for group use become void if only one member of the group shows up. A group may not make multiple room reservations for the same time period.
  4. Reservations are made for one time use only. Other rooms in the HSC are more appropriate for recurring classes or meetings and should be reserved through Scheduling & Facilities Data Management at (210) 567-2655 or scheduling@uthscsa.edu.
  5. Reservations for group study will be accepted two hours before the needed time up to two weeks in advance of when the room is needed.
  6. Reservations will only be held for thirty minutes after the scheduled start time. If the “group” has not arrived within the grace period, the room becomes available for unscheduled use. Refer to #3.
  7. The Library is not responsible for unattended personal items.
  8. Requests for room use assistance and/or user verification should be directed to Library Staff on the 3rd floor.
  9. The Library reserves the right to refuse to reserve a room for any group or individual who abuses the facilities or policies.

(revised 9/25/09)

Get Help

Get Help from the Libraries

Call, Email, Stop by, or Instant Message to get in contact with library staff. We have staff in San Antonio, Harlingen and Laredo available to help with your research.

Call Us


  • Briscoe Library Information: 210-567-2450
  • Briscoe Library Circulation Desk: 210-567-2440
  • Ramirez Library: 956-365-8850
  • Laredo Regional Campus Library: 956-523-7404
Email Us


Instant Message

Instant Message

Use the chat box or add us to your IM buddy list using these account names.

  • AIM: askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu
  • Yahoo! Messenger: uthscsalibrary
  • Google Talk: uthscsalibrary
  • MSN Messenger: askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu
Stop By

Stop By

Briscoe Library drop-in help is available Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

Make an Appointment


Request an individual research consultation with a librarian. Contact your closest library location for details.


Self Help

Try a Guide or our other “I Need to” pages.

Giving to the Libraries

How You Can Help

A gift to the UT Health Science Center Libraries is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the Health Science Center and beyond. Gifts will be used to support the library’s collection, services, and programs and will keep the UT Health Science Center Libraries in the forefront of 21st century libraries.

Gifts to the library can be designated as a lasting tribute or memorial to a family member, friend, or colleague. Tribute and memorial bookplates will be placed in appropriate books for donations of $50 or more. The Office of Institutional Advancement will acknowledge all gifts and will send an announcement to the honoree or other designee. Donors can identify whether they wish to become a Friend of the UT Health Science Center Libraries or a Friend of the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library, the history of medicine collection of the library. All gifts to the UT Health Science Center Libraries are tax deductible.

To Donate to the Library, Use the HSConnect Donate Link:

Donate to the Libraries

If you wish to donate using a UT Health Science Center project ID or check, please use the Giving to the Libraries form or contact the UT Health Science Center Libraries Administrative Office at 210-567-2407 or by email to tobia@uthscsa.edu.

Gifts of Books and Other Library Materials

The library accepts gifts and donations of books and other materials if these items are needed for the collection. In accepting these materials, the library retains the right to dispose of them if they duplicate existing materials or are outside of the library’s collection scope. Please contact John Weed, Head of Collection Resources, at 210-567-2479 or by email to weedj@uthscsa.edu if you are interested in donating materials to the UT Health Science Center Libraries.