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Applied Neuroanatomy Exhibit

From an email to Susan Hunnicutt, Special Projects Librarian:

I was able to see the exhibit over the weekend. It looks absolutely amazing. You really did a wonderful job.

Vinh Dao, MS3 student

July 2, 2012

A funny thing happened…

I think the @uthscsa librarian is a part time comedian. I mean that as a compliment. She’s awesome! :)


[Compliment for Katie Prentice, Head of Education and Information Services, whose Orientation for incoming students is not to be missed!]

Thanks for supporting my History of Anatomy course

My History of Anatomy first year medical students and I enjoyed our visit to the Nixon Library so much last night!  The students have such a packed schedule that it is difficult to arrange a time during the day to get them all together.  Susan Hunnicutt, Anne Comeaux, and Melissa  De Thorne were wonderful to stay late to provide this time for us.  They had displayed the books so the students could easily peruse them, and they took lots of pictures to document our visit.

My students are excited about the Nixon dinner and the Shakespeare exhibit from the NLM, so I think we will get some good participation and help from them.

Thanks again for supporting my courses.


Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D., FACMG

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Professor of Human Anatomy and Genetics

Hats off to you!

I have just had the opportunity to explore the Conversations About Ethics website and am very impressed.  I think it represents our organizations and the programs provided very well and is a creative way to offer in-depth information beyond the individual events.

I know just enough about websites to know they take a tremendous amount of planning, creativity, technical ability and follow-through.

Hats off to Debi Pfitzenmaier and Lisa Finnie.  Great job!

Paul A. Parks, D.Min.

Executive Director

Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health

Thanks for the RefWorks help!

Dear Ms. Feldman,

Thank you so much for meeting late evening last night.  I and the rest of my group members are very thankful!  You relieved quite some stress and laborious work we would have had to do.  I only hope to have your generosity when someone in need asks for my help.

UTHSCSA DPT Student, Class of 2012

Thanks for the EndNote and RefWorks consult

This was HUGELY helpful for my ability to complete current manuscripts, improve our fellowship training and my personal organization. THANKS!

Comment received in Class Evaluation

The Library as Playground

“I’m at the playground for PT students/ the Briscoe Library, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio:

Tweeted by Nicole

Student, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Katie is a terrific teacher!

Thank you for taking time to assist me with my search. You guidance, directions, and explanations were so helpful. Your communication style and approach truly restored my confidence level in tackling the search process!

You are a terrific teacher!


Taline Dadian Infante, RDH, MS, Associate Professor
Distinguished Teaching Professor, Interim Chair
Department of Dental Hygiene

Best of luck to Pennie Borchers

Am sorry to hear that we will not be blessed with the knowledge, skill, and beautiful character of Ms. Borchers here at the UTHSCSA much longer. I am happy to have met and worked with her. I wish her the best of luck and happiness in all her future endeavors.

Rebecca Loredo-Hernandez, MD

Department of Radiology

Ron Mesa is a great employee

I just wanted to mention that Ron Mesa is a great employee who turned out to be a wonderful friend.  I was employed in the Eye Clinic at University Health Center-Downtown for 15 years and he was always very helpful whenever I used the library services.  I have since retired but I know he will be missed by many at UHCD!

Diana Realme