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Thanks for MedlinePlus demonstration!

Here’s a comment posted to Twitter this morning:

“@uthsclib Thanks for the MedlinePlus demonstration at the 2011 San Antonio CHW/Promotor(a) Summit! Great information for everyone!”

We’re always happy to have a chance to demonstrate great health information sources like MedlinePlus, as our librarians Linda Levy and Peg Seger did at the Community Health Worker/Promotor(a) Summit at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa earlier this month.

Great Customer Service

One of the clinical faculty stopped by to chat with the Executive Director.  He complimented the library staff on their positive customer service attitude.  He particularly wanted to let her know that Albert Ramirez had helped him fairly recently.  The doctor thought he had left an important notebook in the library and Albert helped to search for it, although the notebook was not in the library.  Turns out he had left it in the messy trunk of his car.

Loving the library’s food & drink policy

Here’s a comment posted to Twitter yesterday by a visitor at our Dolph Briscoe Jr Library:

“studying at UTHSCSA’s DBJL! love that people eat here and no one cares!”

We love for your library to be a comfortable place — that’s why we allow food and drink.  Our policy is explained here.

And by the way, you can follow us on Twitter — we’re @uthsclib!

Evidence-Based Medicine Class for MSIIIs in Pediatrics Clerkship

Chris was great and presented the information in an informative manner without being overwhelming.

Best library class I’ve been to yet–was very useful!

Katie was great!

Great job in the class, learned a whole lot.

Newsletter compliments

Y’all do such a nice job with your newsletter, and it sounds like all of you are very busy.  I’m impressed with all that you do.

Mary Ryan, Library Director, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Good newsletter!  Lots of useful information.  Thank you for sharing.

Jim Bothmer, Assistant VP for Health Sciences, Director of the Health Sciences Library, Creighton University