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Dream Anatomy

A website created to support an exhibition at the National Library of Medicine. Dream Anatomy shows off the anatomical imagination from 1500 to the present.

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Drug Information Portal (NLM)

The Drug Information Portal is a free Web resource from the National Library of Medicine that provides an informative, user friendly entry-way to current drug information for over 16,000 drugs.

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Duolingo is a free language learning software.  Languages offered are English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.  Mobile options available for both iOS and Android.

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DXplain, a computer-assisted decision support system, can be used in two main modes, as a medical textbook, or for case analyses. As a medical textbook, DXplain can provide a comprehensive description and selected references for over 2,200 different diseases. In terms of case analysis, DXplain uses an interactive format to collect clinical information and produces a ranked list of diagnoses each of which could explain some or all of the clinical manifestations entered.

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