Anatomy TV provides a database of detailed 3D interactive anatomy models. Models include the head and neck, shoulder, hip, thorax and abdomen, spine, knee, and pelvis and perineum. An Anatomy Study Guide is included.

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Anatomy Atlases

Digital library of anatomy information and contains full color digitized books on anatomy and first aid.

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Bates Physical Exams

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination, 4th edition is based on the Bates Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking by the late Barbara Bates. It is a teaching resource consisting of 18 anatomy and system specific modules which show step-by-step examinations with rationales for the clinician’s actions. It includes expanded discussions of health history taking, documentation, communication, and patient/practitioner interactions.

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BioDigital Human Anatomy 3D

The BioDigital Human is a 3D anatomy site for the study of anatomy, disease, and treatments. The free version contains standard interactive features.  Interactive tools for exploring, dissecting, and sharing custom views, combined with detailed medical descriptions provide a visual format to learn about the body.   Male and female images are available.  The BioDigital Human allows students and medical professionals to see a format that resembles real life.  The free version is linked and personal upgrade options are available.

Technical note from BioDigital FAQs: Chrome and Firefox currently support the 3D Graphics required by the BioDigital Human. They are freely available. The Human will also be supported in the upcoming release of Safari 6.0. Unfortunately, the HTML5 standard for 3D graphics (WebGL) is not yet supported by Internet Explorer or by mobile browsers.

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Bones of the Skull

Consists of a collection of 3D object movies of the skull and its individual bones, and an interactive textbook containing high-quality 2-D images, descriptive text, and many interactive activities to encourage mastery of the content.

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Clinical Human Embryology

Explores the development of human systems from conception to birth.

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Digital Anatomist Project

Represents anatomical information through the generation of graphical models derived from cadaver and clinical imaging data and symbolic modeling of the structures and relationships that constitute the human body.

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Dream Anatomy

A website created to support an exhibition at the National Library of Medicine. Dream Anatomy shows off the anatomical imagination from 1500 to the present.

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Embryo Images

A website tutorial that uses scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) as the primary resource to teach mammalian embryology.

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eSkeletons Project

Offers digitized versions of skeletons in 2-D and 3-D in full color, animations, and much supplemental information.

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