MEDLINE is produced by the National Library of Medicine. It includes all references from Index Medicus, the International Nursing Index, and the Index to Dental Literature and is considered the premiere biomedical database. Abstracts are included for many of the citations.

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MEDLINE in Process

MEDLINE in Process is a small, rolling database of information that is being prepared for inclusion in MEDLINE.

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MedlinePlus allows health professionals and consumers access to information about specific diseases and conditions, and also has links to consumer health information from the National Institutes of Health, clearinghouses, dictionaries, lists of hospitals and physicians, health information in Spanish and other languages, and clinical trials.

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Medscape Reference

Medscape Reference (formerly known as eMedicine) is the most current, authoritative, and easy-to-access clinical resource on the web, featuring drugs, diseases, and procedures.

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Micromedex is a full text database of drug and pharmacological information, including clinical use, drug interactions, and information for emergency care.

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Microscopic Anatomy

Incorporates digitized histologic slides and electron micrographs with comprehensive text to provide an interactive cellular anatomy tutorial.

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Middle Search Plus

Provides full text for more than 140 popular, middle school magazines. Full text is also available for thousands of biographies and historical essages, as well as primary source documents and an image collection of photos, maps, and flags.

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Military and Government Collection

This database offers current news pertaining to all branches of the military. It has a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals and other content pertinent to the increasing needs of those sites. The Military & Government Collection provides cover-to-cover full text for nearly 300 journals and periodicals. The database also offers indexing and abstracts for nearly 400 titles.

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Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations in Cancer

Relates chromosomal aberrations to tumor characteristics, based either on individual cases or associations. All the data have been manually culled from the literature.

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MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets online

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets online provides information on hazardous substance. The web site is the one place to look for everything you need to know about a chemical’s hazards and how to work with it safely.

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Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo

A three-dimensional image reference of the Human Embryo based on magnetic resonance imaging.

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National Biological Information Infrastructure

The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) is a free broad, collaborative program to provide increased access to data and information on the nation’s biological resources.

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National Cancer Institute (NCI) Visuals Online

This NCI Visuals Online database contains images from the collections of the Communication Services Branch and Mass Media Office of the Office of Communications, National Cancer Institute.

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National Center for Health Statistics (CDC)

The National Center for Health Statistics is a source of information about America’s health. As the Nation’s principal health statistics agency, it compiles statistical information. Data is collected from birth and death records, medical records, interview surveys, and through direct physical exams and laboratory testing.

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National Guideline Clearinghouse

The National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) is an initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) , U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. NGC was originally created by AHRQ in partnership with the American Medical Association and the American Association of Health Plans (now America’s Health Insurance Plans [AHIP]).

NGC is a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

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