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Medical School Yearbooks

Ever wonder what a medical student looked like in 1971 or how much hair the Medical School faculty had in 1984? You can now browse the Medical School yearbooks in the library’s Digital Archive and find out!

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As part of an ongoing project, the UT Health Science Center Libraries have digitized more than 30 Medical School yearbooks and made them availableĀ online. All of the yearbooks are either owned by the UT Health Science Center Libraries or have been loaned to the library for digitization. The yearbooks are part of the University History Collection which is a growing collection dedicated to preserving the history of theĀ institution.

To learn more about the yearbooks project visit the Medical School Yearbooks page.

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The first yearbook of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio was published in 1970 and subsequent editions have been produced annually under different titles. Presently, the library is still in need of the following years: 1974-1976, 1980, 1987-1988, 1990-1991 and anything more recent than 2011. If you own any of these yearbooks and would like to loan them to the library for digitization please contact the Digital Archive Team at


University History

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Collection Overview

The University History Collection of the Digital Archive includes audio, video, photographs, and manuscripts that document the university’s growth and development since its establishment in 1959. Additional background on the University’s history is available at A Brief History of UTHSCSA.


Founding Faculty Interviews
A series of video interviews with members of the Health Science Center’s founding faculty, produced by the University Development Office in 2010.
*School of Medicine Founding Faculty Listing
Medical School Yearbooks
Digitized copies of the yearbooks produced by the Medical School.
Medical School Group Class Photos
Digitized copies of photos taken of graduating classes.

Banner Image: “Health Seminar”, from the 1972 Medical School yearbook, Curandero.