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Library Forms

Library Account Registration

Request Forms

  • Literature Search Request – Request a librarian-mediated literature search.  (This service is available to UT Health faculty, staff, residents and researchers.  UT Health students should request assistance from their liaison librarian.)
  • Print Course Reserves Form – Instructor requests for print materials to be put in the Library Reserve Collection. Can be filled out, saved and emailed to AskaLibrarian@uthscsa.edu or printed and brought to the Circulation Desk with department or personal materials.

Classroom Software Installation

Purchase Suggestions

Records Management & University Archives Forms

To Submit Records Management Forms

Call Owen Ellard, at (210) 567-2413 with questions.

Literature Search Services

UT Health San Antonio Librarians are available to conduct mediated searches for UT Health San Antonio faculty, staff, residents and researchers.  Non-affiliated patrons are welcome to come in to the library to receive assistance from librarians or to search available resources on their own.  UT Health San Antonio students should contact their Library Liaison for assistance/training on how to search databases and other library resources.

Complete this form to request a search of library databases by a librarian. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by a librarian to discuss the search. Results generally include citations, abstracts (when available), and/or links to other relevant resources. If you have any questions about the literature search process, please contact Library Information Services at (210) 567-2450 or email askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu.

Costs – There is no cost for UT Health San Antonio affiliates (including clinical faculty).

New Library PaperCut Printers Are Here!

There is a new game in town for printing across our campus and it’s called PaperCut! To accommodate the new system, approximately 30 new printers have been installed in various campus locations including 2 in the library on the entry-level 3rd floor.

The PaperCut system allows users to print to the new printers in two basic ways, either directly from a desktop or by way of the PaperCut website. While the website option is more convenient for mobile devices, it is less robust than the desktop option.

Click here to get started using PaperCut. Charges for printing are .08 cents per (one-sided) B&W page and .25 cents per (one-sided) Color page.

Please check with library staff for more information on how to best use the new system. For technical issues contact UT Print at 210-567-2315 or printingservices@uthscsa.edu.

Print and Copy Services

How do I pay for photocopying and printing?

Photocopies and print jobs can be paid for with personal or departmental account cards. Cards can be used at print/copy release stations in the Briscoe Library, the Laredo Library, and at select photocopiers and printers  in the School of Nursing and the Research Administration Building (RAB).

Where are printers and photocopiers located?

Location Type of equipment
Briscoe Library 3rd Floor
  • Multi-function (copy, print, scan), Black & White
  • Multi-function (copy, print, scan, fax), Color
Laredo Library  

  • Laserjet printer, Black & White, Color

Can I print from my laptop?

Yes, if you have a laptop with wireless network access, or are plugged in to our network, you can print to the Libraries’ printers. You will need to download and install our printers. We have broken down the printers by locations, just select the ones that you need: http://library.uthscsa.edu/2011/11/i-need-to-print-from-my-laptop/. Regular printing charges apply.

How much does it cost?

All photocopies are 10 cents per page. Black and white printing is also 10 cents per page. Color printing costs 50 cents per page. Two-sided printouts are charged as 2 pages.

My card doesn’t seem to be working. Who can help me?

Please contact Library staff for assistance with your copy card at (210) 567-2440. For assistance with your departmental account card, please contact the Library Administration Office at (210) 567-2400.

How do I create a copy card personal account?

Copy cards are debit accounts created using the magnetic strip on a HSC ID or Texas Driver License. You can bring an appropriate ID to the Circulation Desk at each Library and create an account from $1 to $50 in value. Deposits at the Briscoe Library can be made by cash, check or credit card. You can also create copy card accounts and add value to existing accounts at the Add Value Station at the Nursing School copier area. The Add Value Station only accepts paper money. Value can also be added with a credit card by calling the Briscoe Library Circulation Desk at (210) 567-2440.
Library users who do not have a HSC ID or Texas Driver License may borrow a Guest card at the Briscoe Circulation Desk.

What is a departmental printing account card?

A departmental printing account card may be used to pay for photocopying and printing at all photocopiers and Pharos Stations in the Library, at a cost of 11 cents per copy. Health Science Center Departments may obtain account cards by contacting the Library Administration Office at (210) 567-2400. The accounts are billed monthly to HSC departments and have no cash value. Check with your department for the procedure to obtain a departmental account card. Departmental account cards are available for pickup in the Library Administration Office on Monday-Friday between 8-5 pm. You are encouraged to write your name and telephone number on your card as soon as you receive it.


Print from a Windows laptop

Please note: When installing this software in the Library please use a wired network connection. Do not use a wireless connection.

Pharos Popups does not currently support 64-bit Windows Vista.


  1. Download the Pharos Popups installation file for the location that you wish to be able print to:
    1. Briscoe Library
    2. Nursing School
    3. Research Administration Building
    4. Laredo Library
  2. If you get the “Do you want to run or save this file?” box, click Run.
  3. If you get the “The publisher could not be verified” warning, click Run.
  4. The installation window will open. Click Start. It will take several minutes for the installation to finish.
  5. When the installation finishes, click Finish.

Note: If you wish to install more than once location, simply install each location individually.

Print from my Laptop

Full Featured Printing:

Using the full featured printing requires that you install software for both Windows and Mac. Please select your device below, and follow the directions for setting up wireless printing:

Installation files and instructions can be found online for the following platforms:

Please note: When installing the print software you must be on campus.

Quick Print:

Quick print allows you to print directly from your Browser, without installing any software or packages.


Print from My Mobile Device

This section of the instructions applies to both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Please note: if you have already registered a device with Mobile Print, you can skip below to the how to use section. Once registered, the following printers can be selected via mobile print:

Printer Name Printer Location
Briscoe Library Black/White Library – 3rd Floor
Briscoe Library Color Library – 3rd Floor
Briscoe Library 4th Floor Library – 4th Floor
Nursing Student Lounge Nursing School Student Lounge

Register My Email with Pharos Mobile Print

In order to print using Pharos Mobile Print, you must first register an email account(s):

[slideshow_deploy id=’20042′]


Printing from My Mobile Device

Please Note: After selecting Print in step 7 below, the print job will automatically begin to print to the selected Printer.

[slideshow_deploy id=’20045′]

Print or Copy

Printing and Copy from the library is fast and easy. We have locations across the Long Campus,  Laredo, and the TRP. To print from your laptop you have two options, for all of our locations if you install the printer “information” you can print directly to the printer; for our high traffic areas we have installed a mobile print solution that will let you print from your web browser, smart phone, or tablet.

Mobile/Fast Print:

Our Mobile/Fast print allows you to print quickly to our high traffic areas, to print from your mobile device, follow these instructions: http://library.uthscsa.edu/2014/05/mobile-printing/.

Full Featured/Laptop Print:

Need to print from your laptop, we have you covered, our printing allows you to download and install our printers. This fully featured version allows you to change printing styles, powerpoint’s per page, dimensions, etc. The fully featured version is now available for Mac OsX, Windows 7/8 32 & 64 bit. We have broken down the printers by locations, just select the ones that you need: http://library.uthscsa.edu/2011/11/i-need-to-print-from-my-laptop/.

Copy Service:

The library allows user to print from a variety of locations across campus. Currently, copier/printers are located in the Briscoe Library and in Laredo. If you would like to get a card for printing/copy for your department, please contact the Library Circulation Desk at (210) 567-2400.


The library charges $ .10 per page for black and white prints, and $ .50 for color.


If you ever run into any trouble printing or copying, please contact the library circulation desk (210) 567 – 2440, or email askalibrarian@uthscsa.edu.

Research a Topic

When beginning a writing project or paper it is important to find quality articles and books to support your work.  Many writers begin searching for articles in a scholarly database, in addition to finding relevant books.  Although journal articles are most commonly used in health sciences writing topics, some topics may also need research using books.

Get Help if you need help at any time during the research process.  Assistance can be requested from a librarian to help with your research project.

ASK a Question

  • Determine what information you want or need to find?
  • Is the research question focused and specific?
  • Is your information need background information or primary source research articles? (Or both?)

ACQUIRE Appropriate Information

  • Select a resource in which to search. Some topics can be searched in broad biomedical databases such as PubMed or Ovid Medline, but others require a specific subject database such as CINAHL. See the list of UT Health Science Center Libraries Databases by Subject.
  • For books, search the Library Catalog.

APPRAISE What you Found

  • Examine the articles or books to see if they answer your question.
  • Determine if the articles are recent and relevant to your information need.
  • Consider the type of articles found and determine

APPLY What you Learned

  • Draw a conclusion based on the evidence found in your search.
  • In clinical settings, identify next steps for patient care based.

ASSESS the Results

  • Determine if the preferred outcome resulted from a clinical decision.
  • In writing, read your paper and determine if you have enough research to support your conclusion.
  • When more research is needed, return to Ask and Acquire and consider if you need to revise your question.


Remember, ask for help if you are stuck at any point in the research process!


Use a Computer

Computers are available for current affiliates and library visitors. Access and availability vary by location.

  • Current students, faculty, and staff have unlimited use
  • Library guests are limited to one hour per day

All computer use is governed by the Computer Use Policy.

Library Visitors

  • Briscoe Library (San Antonio): visitors must sign in and present valid ID at the Circulation Desk for a guest computer access code. Guest computers are located only on the 3rd floor and access is restricted to one hour per day.
  • Laredo Library: visitors must register with UT Police before using the library. The UT Police sub-station is located in the D.D. Hachar Building room 1.200. Once a visitor has registered with police they are asked to sign in at the circulation desk upon entering the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is available on library computers?

  • At Briscoe: All computers have Microsoft Office and internet access. A limited number of computers at Pod D have flatbed scanners with either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements available. Adobe Professional is available at two of the scanner computers. SPSS and SAS are also installed at Pod E for use by UT Health Science Center affiliates. In the visitor computer area, one flatbed scanner is available with Photoshop Elements.
  • At Laredo: All computers have Microsoft Office and internet access. One scanner is available.

What username and password do I use to log in to library computers?

UT Health SA faculty, staff, and students will use their UTHSCSA Domain Password. These credentials are the same ones currently used to log in to other campus systems, including the My UT Health portal, the HSCAir wireless network, the Knowledge Center training system, and student sites.

Visitors will use guest computer access codes. See the Library Visitor section for details.

What if I don’t remember my password?

You can reset your password one of two ways:

  • Visit https://pwr.uthscsa.edu if you previously set up your account for self-service password reset
  • Bring your HSC badge to the IM Client Support Service Desk in the ALTC or MED 411L (San Antonio only)

More details and directions for affiliates in Laredo are available here.

What do I do when I’m finished using a library computer?

For your security, it is important that you Log Off or Restart the computer when finished. You are responsible for any computer use or misuse that occurs under your login. On Windows computers, you can log off by clicking the “Start” button in the lower left and then selecting “Log Off”, and then clicking OK to confirm.

 Do you have wireless internet?

Yes. Affiliates with a current domain name can connect to HSC Wave using their log-in credentials.  Visitors and guests can connect to HSC Guest anywhere it’s available on campus. See all wireless options.

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