Research a Topic

Research a Topic

When beginning a writing project or paper it is important to find quality articles and books to support your work.  Many writers begin searching for articles in a scholarly database, in addition to finding relevant books.  Although journal articles are most commonly used in health sciences writing topics, some topics may also need research using books.

Get Help if you need help at any time during the research process.  Assistance can be requested from a librarian to help with your research project.

ASK a Question

  • Determine what information you want or need to find?
  • Is the research question focused and specific?
  • Is your information need background information or primary source research articles? (Or both?)

ACQUIRE Appropriate Information

  • Select a resource in which to search. Some topics can be searched in broad biomedical databases such as PubMed or Ovid Medline, but others require a specific subject database such as CINAHL. See the list of UT Health Science Center Libraries Databases by Subject.
  • For books, search the Library Catalog.

APPRAISE What you Found

  • Examine the articles or books to see if they answer your question.
  • Determine if the articles are recent and relevant to your information need.
  • Consider the type of articles found and determine

APPLY What you Learned

  • Draw a conclusion based on the evidence found in your search.
  • In clinical settings, identify next steps for patient care based.

ASSESS the Results

  • Determine if the preferred outcome resulted from a clinical decision.
  • In writing, read your paper and determine if you have enough research to support your conclusion.
  • When more research is needed, return to Ask and Acquire and consider if you need to revise your question.


Remember, ask for help if you are stuck at any point in the research process!