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EAT@Briscoe: Educational • Applicable • Technology

On September 23rd, the Briscoe Library launched its ongoing series EAT@Briscoe with a TinkerCad demonstration. The series focuses on educational technology applicable to the health sciences and takes place during the noon hour. Upcoming events will focus on tools like EndNote Web and EverNote that make sharing research easier.

TinkerCad is an introductory tool for lay designers to get started creating 3D objects. It serves as an excellent entry point to 3D design because it is browser based, uses drag-and-drop building, and offers a full menu of pre-made shapes to use for building. In addition, TinkerCad allows users to prepare their objects for 3D printing, which is also available at the Briscoe Library.

Be on the lookout for upcoming events. Join us in the Howe Room, and bring your lunch!

Kelley Minars teaching TinkerCad

Kelley Minars leading a group through the features and function of TinkerCad.