News from the Libraries

News from the Libraries

March 2018 Historical Book of the Month

This month’s book pick is The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus by Nostradamus, translated by Theophilus de Garencières 1672, 1st edition.

Nostradamus is the Latinized name of Michel de Nostredame, a French astrologer, physician, and prophet. He is famous for his prophecies in his publication Centuries, which was originally published in his native French in 1555.

The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, or Centuries, is a collection of quatrains in groupings of a hundred which foretell events of all manner of calamity and historical/political resonance. However, the predictions are vague, do not follow chronological order, and were written in a mix of French, Greek, Latin, and Occitan, and critics argue that this lack of specificity allows them to be applied to multitudes of events. On the other hand, this absence of linguistic continuity and use of cryptic poetic verse to express his prophecies is seen by some scholars as his efforts to evade the Inquisition.

This first edition English edition was translated by Theophilus de Garencières, also a French apothecary and physician, who lived and practiced medicine in London, England.

It’s easy to see what drew Theophilus and so many others to Nostradamus’ book of prophecies. Anything from the age when medicine was “the healing arts” feels mystical and gives off major Hogwarts vibes. View a digitized copy through Google Books.

Title page of The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus. P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library.



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-Veronica Franco, Library Intern

News from the Libraries February 2018

The February issue of News from the Libraries is now available. For links to individual articles, see the table of contents below.

Recent Publications by Library Staff

Patient Empowerment, Emergency Preparedness, and Other Free Training

Teens Vote on Healthy Recipes

Librarians Attend “Trends in Scholarship and Research” Event

Featured New Books/E-books for February 2018


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Recent Publications by Library Staff



Click on the titles to access articles recently published by library staff.

Feldman, J. D., Lopez, E., Gaspard, C. S., Barton, K. D., & Barcenes, L. F. (2018). Making it work for everyone: An evolving reference service. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 37(1), 10-18. doi:10.1080/02763869.2018.1404381

Foster, B. A., Fu, E., Bendiks, N., Gaspard, C. S., & Sharifi, M. (2017). Capacity-oriented approaches to developing childhood obesity interventions: A systematic review. Clinical Obesity, doi:10.1111/cob.12234

Grota, P., McKinley, L., & Lopez, E. (2017). Methodology minute: A guide for infection preventionists for sizing up systematic reviews. American Journal of Infection Control, 45(12), 1402-1404. doi:10.1016/j.ajic.2017.08.001

Patient Empowerment, Emergency Preparedness, and Other Free Training


Take advantage of these upcoming free training opportunities provided by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and funded by the National Library of Medicine:

February 14: Preparing for the Worst – Best Practices for Emergency Preparedness

Bill Icenogle, Director for Emergency Management, Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge

This presentation is focused on surfacing and discussing some practical “best practices” when considering organizational preparedness and operational resilience. Key points during this brief include; capturing vulnerabilities, mitigation applied, knowing where your agency fits, the value of networking, communications and resource acquisition before and during disasters.

February 22: Healthy Aging: Connecting Older Adults to Health Information

This “train the trainer” class is designed to help individuals assist their older adult patrons find health information. Discover techniques for teaching older adults to use computers and to find health information on the Internet, learn what makes a website senior-friendly; plan library programs on senior health topics; and find out about some recommended health websites for older adults.

February 28: Shared Decision Making: Patient Empowerment

Michelle Burda, NNLM MAR and Bonnie Anton, Informatics Nurse, UPMC St. Margaret Hospital

This presentation will address patient empowerment by introducing attendees to consumer shared decision making (SDM) tools. We will hear how one health system is implementing shared decision making in their organization. Included in the session will be the historical background of SDM; examples of various types of decision support tools and their functionality. Free, easy-to-read, health information resources and SDM tools easily accessible to patients and families will also be discussed. Tips, techniques and lessons learned creating the processes and workflow implementation of SDM tools will be shared with participants.

Teens Vote on Healthy Recipes


Karen Barton, Liaison and Community Engagement Librarian, collaborated with Megan Coker, Tobin at Oakwell Library Teen Librarian (pictured on left), to offer activities for one of their weekly Teen Time programs, where 35 teens participated. The teens voted on healthy recipes that they would like to cook and see in health information resources for teens. They were treated to rice chips, hummus, and sliced apples and were also given the opportunity to cook their own pancakes with blueberries and strawberries. Karen was the former Teen Librarian at Tobin at Oakwell Library and has plans for continued partnerships with San Antonio Public Library.

Librarians Attend “Trends in Scholarship and Research” Event


Five UT Health librarians attended the Texas State University lecture series event “Trends in Scholarship and Research.” Part 1 of the event was a talk by a top expert in scholarly communication, Rick Anderson of the University of Utah. He provided information on increasing the impact of research, Open Access (OA) options in publishing, and recognizing predatory publishers and conferences. In Part 2 of the event, Anderson moderated a panel of academic administrators and faculty who discussed publishing issues and trends. The information gained by librarians will inform decisions related to resources and services offered by Briscoe Library and will be relayed to the UT Health San Antonio community.

Featured New Books/E-books for February 2018

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News from the Libraries December 2017

The December issue of News from the Libraries is now available. For links to individual articles, see the table of contents below.

Briscoe Library and Northwest Vista College Offer Webinar: Partnering with Community Health Workers

“Healthy Children, Healthy Citizens”: Librarian Participates in CSL Project for Fourth Graders

State Program Provides More Library Resources

Library has Access to State Medical Society Journals

School of Dentistry Liaison Greets 330 Area Students at 2017 Science Expo

Librarian Receives Award to Attend Library Marketing and Communications Conference

New Speech-Language Pathology Faculty Tour the Library

Web of Science Cancellation

New Staff at the Laredo Regional Campus Library

Featured New Books/E-books for December 2017

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“Healthy Children, Healthy Citizens”: Librarian Participates in CSL Project for Fourth Graders


On November 8, Karen Barton, Liaison and Community Engagement Librarian, did a presentation on evaluating health information websites for a Castroville Elementary fourth grade class that is part of the Community Service Learning (CSL) project “Healthy Children, Healthy Citizens.” The students were given a bookmark with information on National Library of Medicine websites for kids among other handouts.

“Healthy Children, Healthy Citizens” is an interprofessional community service learning project at UT Health San Antonio. Through teaching interactive lessons, the goal of the project is to increase health literacy and establish healthy lifestyle habits in elementary aged students in a rural South Texas community that will carry on into their adult lives. The main topics in the curriculum include proper hand hygiene, asthma care, heart health, diabetes care, first aid, and nutrition. Margaret Ashoo and Cody Carnes are the student leaders of “Healthy Children, Healthy Citizens” and are overseen by School of Nursing professor Laura Sisk and CSL Assistant Director Melanie Stone. Karen is scheduled to present to the four remaining fourth grade classes this month.