News from the Libraries

News from the Libraries

Congratulations to Librarian Dana Whitmire

Dana Whitmire, Electronic Resources Librarian, has accepted an appointment as secretary of the Council of Research and Academic Libraries (CORAL). CORAL is a consortium of libraries in the greater San Antonio area that promotes cooperative programming, collaboration, and professional development. Additionally, CORAL provides a forum for librarians to discuss issues and trends in the realm of information literacy.

Coming Soon: Chat With A Librarian

Briscoe Library will soon be introducing a chat service which will allow you to chat directly with a librarian. The chat will be managed during our regular on call hours (10 AM – 4 PM). Keep an eye out for the orange chat button on the bottom right of each page of the library’s website. When a librarian is available for chat, the button will display “Chat Now”. When offline, you will have the option to submit your question through an online form (all questions will be answered during on call hours) or search for your answer in our LibGuides with the “Ask Us” button.

Chat Now Ask Us

We will provide more information when the chat service is available!

Taylor and Francis Journal Packages

Briscoe Library now has access to three Taylor & Francis journal packages through the University of Texas System Digital Libraries (UTSDL) consortium. Access begins with 1998 and includes:

  • Medical package (206 titles)
    • Including Journal of Interprofessional Care
    • Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine
  • Science & Technology package (537 titles)
  • Social Science & Humanities package (1,445 titles)



Featured New Books/E-books for July 2018

For a list of the newest titles at the Briscoe Library click here.

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July 2018 Historical Book of the Month


This month’s historical book selection is The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostics & several cures of it. Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically opened & cut up, by Robert Burton [Democritus Junior] (1576-1640).  Initially published in 1621, Burton edited and augmented four subsequent editions, and packed his psychological tome with a mix of humor, popular 17th century theory, and boundless lists of symptoms, causes, remedies, and  cures for the mysterious “black-hole”.

Robert Burton


Ironically, The Anatomy of Melancholy has its share of whimsy. Burton’s notable sense of humor is initially revealed by his choice of pen name, Democritus Junior. The first Democritus (c. 460 B.C.E. – c. 370 B.C.E.) is known as the laughing philosopher, and Burton’s comic wit is evident throughout his writing, especially in the satirical preface: Democritus to the Reader.

Burton himself was a vicar, mathematician, and philologist. He reportedly wrote to help sort through his own personal fight with melancholy. However, he “increased it to such a degree, that nothing could make him laugh, but going to the bridge-foot and hearing the ribaldry of the bargemen, which rarely failed to throw him into a violent fit of laughter”.

Burton’s work is heavily referenced with Latin, French, Greek, and biblical citations, eager to provide evidence for his ruminations. Within his myriad of divergent contemplations, he examines the relationship between depression and love, beauty, geography (including hot countries prone to jealousy), anatomy of the body and soul, bloodletting and the horse-leech, diet, digestion, drink, bad air, idleness, shame, disgrace, scholarly melancholy, and even cause from an undesirable wet nurse.


Frontispiece in 1632 edition

Visit the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library to experience firsthand our treasured 1632 edition of this classic tour de force.  Get a closer look at the detailed frontispiece and read Burton’s interesting interpretations for each illustrated compartment in “The Argument of the Frontispiece”. If you would like to check out a facsimile of this hefty book, there is a copy in the circulating stacks on the fourth floor.

For more information on the collections of the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library, contact us via email: special


Diane Fotinos, MLIS student




News from the Libraries June 2018

The June issue of News from the Libraries is now available. For links to individual articles, see the table of contents below.

Student Photo Exhibit Comes to Briscoe Library

Under Construction: New Library Vending Area

Librarians Share Their Work With Peers

Student Olivia Hart Inspires Exercise Desks at Briscoe Library

Library Participates in Historical Symposium

Coming Soon – Library Reflection Room Renovations

Archivists Visit Nixon Library

Librarian Presents an Open Source Experience

New Room Reservation System

Nano Online Database Now Available

Featured New Books/E-books for June 2018

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Student Photo Exhibit Comes to Briscoe Library

Bryant Huang, School of Medicine ’20, has created a photo exhibit that is now currently on display in Briscoe Library’s front entrance. The exhibit, entitled Still Life: Reflections on Hope and Illness, portrays patients from all walks of life with a unique collection of experiences and outlooks. Huang, along with his mentor Dr. Jason Morrow, created this exhibit to allow us to reflect on encounters with individuals who have changed our lives, to remind us to thank those who have helped us along the way, and to encourage us to take time to lend a hand to someone in need.

Each of the photographs in this exhibit is accompanied by a caption that illustrates patients’ hopes, values, and meanings. “These are the patients’ stories, their reflections on life and illness.”

The exhibit will be on display at Briscoe Library for the remainder of June.

Under Construction: New Library Vending Area

No matter what the weather or time of day or night, you’ll soon be able to grab a quick bite without having to leave the comfort of the library. We’ll not only leave a light on for you, we’ll prepare dinner too!

Construction, involving some significant electrical and plumbing work, has begun in an alcove area on the library entry floor. The space will eventually feature fresh food and coffee vending machines and a microwave.  Renovation of the area is tentatively planned to be completed by September 2018.

Please excuse a little extra temporary noise and dust and stay tuned for progress updates.

Librarians Share Their Work with Peers



On May 18, UT Health San Antonio Librarians gave presentations about their work at the spring meeting of the Council of Research & Academic Libraries (CORAL), held at Southwest Research Institute. CORAL is a consortium of libraries in the greater San Antonio area whose mission is to develop and strengthen library information services and resources through cooperative programs and forums. The meeting began with presentations by local institutions featuring their historical collections. During the meeting’s afternoon session titled “Libraries of Tomorrow”, liaisons discussed their strategies and lessons learned as part of Briscoe Library’s new liaison program. Christy Tyson, Liaison to the School of Dentistry, and Andrea Schorr, Head of Resource Management, presented on their work in establishing an interprofessional teaching and learning repository utilizing faculty works. Creative Technologies Librarian Kelley Minars (pictured left) discussed how the library is providing educational support through 3D printing.

From May 22-26, two librarians attended the Medical Library Association (MLA) Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Atlanta, GA. Attending this conference provides valuable networking, learning and development opportunities specific to medical librarianship. Attendees from the US and abroad gather to share research, collaborate within special interest groups and hold robust conversation. Christy Tyson, SOD Liaison, participated as a member of the Dental and Instructional sections of MLA. She also began an appointment as a member of the MLA News editorial board on June 1. Karen Barton, SHP Liaison, presented a poster on the Youth Health Literacy Challenge, a project funded by the National Library of Medicine.

Student Olivia Hart Inspires Exercise Desks at Briscoe Library

Olivia Hart
MD Candidate 2021
UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Based on her experience at the Health Sciences Library at the University of Colorado, Olivia Hart first proposed the idea of exercise desks to the UT Health Briscoe Library in the fall of 2017. With Olivia’s recommendations, the library identified some highly rated bike and treadmill options to consider. Olivia proposed the options to fellow Class of 2021 students in a poll to see which would prove the most popular. Based on the results of the poll and other feedback from library surveys, one treadmill desk and three exercise bikes were purchased by the Library.

By the spring of 2018, space was cleared in a light-filled area on the Library 5th floor that offers great views of the campus. The exercise equipment is available to everyone in the UT Health community 24/7/365.

Thank you to Olivia and all of the students who participated in this project!