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Rajia Tobia

Executive Director of Libraries

We asked: What does your library mean to you?

Graphic courtesy of the Medical Library Association

Medical libraries around the country celebrated October as National Medical Librarians Month.  On October 28, UT Health Science Center librarians and library staff hosted a breakfast to celebrate this special month and to participate in Texas Library Snapshot Day, an initiative of the Texas Library Association to highlight the importance of Texas libraries.  Persons entering the library were asked to take a snapshot and write some comments about “what your librarians and library mean to you.”

Here are some of the comments we received:

  • A place to study late nights!
  • The librarians here have been so incredibly helpful and friendly – they make my life (and research) less painful.
  • I’ve used the library study rooms often and it’s great.  I’ve also asked the librarians for assistance when searching for articles on databases.  They’ve always been a great help.
  • They are great resource guiders.  The library has helped me throughout the past two semesters.
  • In my current job, I could not accomplish what I have to do without the library and the medical librarians.  The librarians are friendly, know how to help bewildered users, and are able to provide solutions to a variety of questions.  Librarians are good people!
  • Access to professional literature to stay abreast of work in my discipline.
  • They mean a lot.  They tell us how to get stuff around the library and they are nice about it!
  • I think everyone is very helpful and the library hours work well with my school hours for study time.
  • The library has opened a whole new world for me relative to all the different aspects of the services they provide.  No longer do I believe that libraries are just for accessing books and journals.  The expertise available in our library and the personnel regarding databases, searches and events is outstanding.  I have enjoyed their efforts to bring the campus together in their special events.  A wonderful resource!
  • Bondage.  Study time.  Always helpful.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to share a cup of coffee and have their photo taken.  Thank you for taking time to let us know what the library means to you.

Rajia Tobia

Executive Director of Libraries

Welcome to members of the Library Committee, 2011-12

The mission of the Library Committee is to serve in a consultative and advisory capacity to the President and Vice President for Academic Administration and to work with and assist the Executive Director of Libraries in making recommendations for library practices and procedures; to review and advise in the development of priorities in the areas that have an impact on academic efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that the services provided by the library reflect the needs and interests of the academic community.

This year’s committee members are:

Terms expiring in 2012: Martha X. Baez, R.D.H., M.P.H., Dental School; Craig M. Klugman, Ph.D., School of Medicine; Martin Schwacha, Ph.D., School of Medicine; Helen Sorenson, M.A., R.R.T., School of Health Professions

Terms expiring in 2013: Adelita G. Cantu, School of Nursing (Committee Chair); Dana English, M.S., R.D.H., School of Health Professions; Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D., Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Edward F. Wright, M.S., D.D.S., Dental School

Terms expiring in 2014:  Amanda Flagg, Ph.D., School of Nursing; Salvatore Oddo, Ph.D., Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Ray Palmer, Ph.D., School of Medicine; Mohammad Mizaner Rahman, Ph.D., School of Medicine

Student members:  Timothy Hunt, School of Health Professions; Kate Mahoney, School of Nursing; Whitney McBrayer, Dental School; Sarah Yang, School of Medicine