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Oral Health Information Tutorial

Intended Audience

This tutorial focuses on improving access to and awareness of reliable information resources, as well as integrating the best evidence from these resources into public health dental practice and educational activities.

Module 1: Toolkit for Dental Public Health Professionals

This module focuses on public health dentistry. View this tutorial to learn how to define public health dentistry and to identify professional resources to help stay informed of developments in public health dentistry.

Module 2: Evidence-Based Dental Public Health

This module focuses on evidence-based dental public health. View this tutorial to learn how to find evidence-based scientific literature and apply it to your practice.

Module 3: Oral Health Data Tools and Statistics

This module focuses on statistics and data. View this tutorial to learn about what types are available related to oral health and how to find these resources on the Internet.

Module 4: Patient Information- Oral Health Resources

This module focuses on patient and consumer oral health information. View this tutorial to learn what quality online resources exist.