Departmental Records Management Representatives

The Records Management Representative (RMR) for each department is responsible for helping the Library update the department's records in the Records Retention Schedule.

Duties of the RMR:

  • Serve as the representative for department/division for the implementation of department's records management procedures.
  • Attend Records Management Module A Training class given by the Training Office. Attend other records management training classes as suggested by the Records Management Officer.
  • Create and maintain an inventory of state records for department showing location of each record series and the Record Series Title, Agency Item Number, and Retention Period as listed on the UT HSC Records Retention Schedule (RRS).
  • Identify vital records held by the department/division and review these annually to be sure they are backed up offsite as required by state law.
  • Annually review records for department, disposing of those that have met their retention period on the RRS. Create a Disposition Log of records that have been destroyed and immediately send original copy of log to the UT HSC Records Management Officer so it may be retained for 10 years.
  • Communicate UT HSC records management policies to other departmental staff as needed and act as resource for other staff, forwarding unanswered questions to UT HSC Records Management Officer or directing staff to contact the officer directly.
  • Notify the UT HSC Records Management Officer of the following:
    • Any departmental records that are not listed on the RRS
    • Records on the RRS assigned to department that are no longer kept by the department.
    • Retention periods for records that do not match those on the RRS.
    • Records vital to the department that are not marked as such on the RRS. Vital records are those records that are essential to the conduct of business by the department or the University, records that would absolutely have to be restored in case of a disaster.
    • Other areas where changes might be helpful such as common names for records that should be searchable on the online RRS.
  • Maintain a log of records sent to the Warehouse or to off site storage.
  • Review records for department that currently reside in the UT HSC Warehouse and are either marked as permanent or have no retention date. Determine if any of these records may be destroyed following the UT HSC RRS retention periods.
  • Coordinate with UT HSC Records Management Officer the destruction, as necessary, of state records not listed on the UT HSC RRS. You may destroy records that are listed on the RRS without asking permission from the Records Management Officer.
  • Contact the Briscoe Library for inclusion of historical records in the University Archives.
  • Notify Records Management Officerwhen a new RMR is appointed for department/division and discuss with supervisor need for someone to assume RMR duties.