3D Printing: Cultivating Creative Collaborations

The Briscoe Library’s 3D print service provides a unique platform for students and faculty to engage in interactive and creative 3D modeling solutions. Roughly a year since the inception of this service, students continue to experiment and find interesting applications for 3D printing.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-3-24-53-pmLaura De Jesus Solis, a Master’s student focusing on Cell Systems and Anatomy, is the most recent to work with the 3D print team. Laura is utilizing 3D printing in her thesis project which she says will “focus on introducing new active learning teaching modalities that could help students understand anatomy, especially of the pelvis and perineum regions as they are often difficult to understand. By 3D printing a bony pelvis, we will offer students the opportunity to interactively build a model and learn important spatial relationships of the anatomy.”

View our guide for more information on the library’s 3D printing service.