Rules for Danny Jones History of the Health Sciences Essay Award

Danny Jones History of the Health Sciences Essay Award

Win $500

  • The contest is open to students of UTSA and UT Health San Antonio, as well as affiliated interns, residents and fellows
  • Word Limit: 2500 words or less
  • Please include a cover sheet with: name, date, title, word count, school/program
  • Submission Dates: September 7th, 2017 to January 31st , 2018
  • Format: PDF
  • Submit to: Peg Seger

Judging Criteria

  1. Applicability of topic/educational value to health care professionals (30 pts total)
    1. Connects relevant historical facts to contemporary issues in health care (15 pts)
    2. Shows how topic relates to health care (15 pts)
  2. Quality of writing (20 pts total)
    1. Uses proper grammar & spelling (7 pts)
    2. Writes clearly (7 pts)
    3. Cites sources (6 pts)
  3. Comprehension of issues (30 pts total)
    1. Demonstrates knowledge of chosen topic (8 pts)
    2. Provides evidence to support thesis & arguments (8 pts)
    3. Draws appropriately on external resources (7 pts)
    4. Demonstrates original thought, rather than just restating what others have said (7 pts)
  4. Clarity of discussion & conclusions (20 pts total)
    1. Shows a clear logical flow of argumentation (e.g. thesis, arguments, supporting evidence) (7 pts)
    2. Stays on topic (6 pts)
    3. Makes a logical conclusion for action, thought, or research (7 pts)