Librarian Receives Award to Attend Library Marketing and Communications Conference

Kirsten Lorenzen, Marketing and Community Engagement Librarian, received a Professional Development Award from the South Central Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine to attend the 3rd Annual Library Marketing and Communications Conference. This conference took place in Dallas, TX from November 16-17, 2017. The conference was designed for librarians who are involved in marketing, communications, public relations, social media, and outreach. The presenters explored issues that are important for this niche of library work and allowed attendees to network and discuss mutual challenges. Marketing is an important part of being a successful library, and by improving upon marketing and communications skills with this conference, libraries will be better equipped to have their messages heard, promote their resources, and have their services well-used and appreciated. Kirsten attended breakout sessions such as Creating a Marketing Plan, Social Media Strategies, and Launching a Digital Marketing Campaign in hopes of gaining more information and ideas that can be applied to the marketing efforts at Briscoe Library.