Librarians in the news

Jonquil Feldman

Jonquil Feldman will be co-chair of the National Program Committee for the Medical Library Association 2015 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Austin.

Several librarians made presentations at the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, held in Seattle, Washington May 18 through 23, 2012:

Feldman, Jonquil D.:  A Study of the impact of research publications funded by a Clinical and Translational Science Award. Poster presentation, Medical Library Association 2012 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Lapiz-Bluhm, M. Danet (School of Nursing); Myatt, Angela; Gaspard, Christine; Prentice, Katherine P.:  Utilization of Evidence-Based Practice Resources by Junior Level Nursing Students.  Poster presentation, Medical Library Association 2012 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Seger, Pegeen A: Smells like team spirit: MedlinePlus videos for patient education, a partnership between the University of Texas Health Science Center Libraries and CareLink, University Health System. Video presentation, Medical Library Association 2012 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Jonquil Feldman, Director of Briscoe Library and Outreach Services has been appointed to co-chair the National Program Committee for the Medical Library Association 2015 Annual Meeting, which will take place in Austin. Her co-chair is Sandra Martin, Assistant Director of Shiffman Medical Library at Wayne State University. Katie Prentice, Head of Education and Information Services in the Briscoe Library will serve on the Committee.

MLA annual conference attendees are health sciences information professionals from academic and hospital libraries worldwide.


Anne Comeaux

Anne Comeaux has been named Manager of the Year by the San Antonio chapter of ARMA International.

Anne Comeaux, Assistant Library Director for Digital and Special Collections and Records Management Officer for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio received the Manager of the Year award for the San Antonio Chapter of ARMA International.   ARMA International is a not-for-profit association of records management professionals.

Manager of the Year candidates are judged on the basis of a number of factors, including demonstrated excellence in the records management field, creation of innovative programs or program improvements, leadership, ethics, committee work, and achievements within one’s own company or organization.   Anne received 350 points for her recent accomplishments — 135 more than her closest competitor. Congratulations, Anne!

Librarians in the news

Photo of Jonquil FeldmanJonquil Feldman, Director of Briscoe Library and Outreach Services, has recently renewed her credentials as a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).  AHIP is the Medical Library Association’s peer-reviewed professional development and career recognition program.  The academy recognizes the personal investment of time and effort required for exemplary professional performance and for contributions to the association and to the profession of health sciences librarianship.

Other UT Health Science Center librarians who are members of the Academy of Health Information Professionals are: Rajia Tobia, Executive Director of Libraries; Anne Comeaux, Assistant Library Director for Special Collections; and Katie Prentice, Head of Education and Information Services.


Kathy Carter, Ramirez Library Librarian at the Regional Academic Health Center, has been accepted to the Woods Hole BioMedical Informatics course.  Kathy will spend one week at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, MA learning about the application of computer technologies and information science in the health sciences.

The week-long survey course, to be held May 26 through June 1, is designed to familiarize individuals with the application of computer technologies and information science in biomedicine and health science. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on computer exercises, participants are introduced to the conceptual and technical components of biomedical informatics. The conceptual components include principles of database design, human-computer interfaces, medical terminologies and coding systems, medical decision analysis methods, clinical information systems architectures, and methods for measuring costs and benefits in health care systems. The technical components include use of the Internet for biomedical applications, current and emerging wide area network technologies, use of literature and molecular sequence databases, and systems for telemedicine.

The Woods Hole BioMedical Informatics course is a National Library of Medicine fellowship program directed at medical educators, medical librarians, medical administrators, and young faculty who are not currently knowledgeable in the field of informatics but can become agents of change in their institutions.

Librarians participate in hazMmat training exercise in Harlingen

Firefighters in Harlingen demonstrate steps in containment of a chlorine leak at a recent hazardous materials training exercise.

Harlingen firefighters recently simulated containment of a chlorine leak as part of a hazardous materials training exercise.

In September Greysi Reyna and Kathy Carter, librarians at the Mario E. Ramirez, M.D. Library at the H-RAHC, attended a hazardous materials training exercise conducted by the Harlingen Fire Department. Harlingen firefighters simulated containment of a chlorine leak as part of the exercise.

RAHC librarians participated to learn more about how WISER, a database produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), is used by HazMat specialists to respond to hazardous material emergencies.

A key feature of WISER is support for identification of unknown substances. Emergency responders use WISER to identify and validate unknown substances based on the following:

  • signs/symptoms of victims of exposure
  • physical properties of the substance gathered by observation or sensors
  • hazard values from NFPA 704 placards
  • the ability to categorize a substance, such as a substance used in a meth lab, a flammable substance, etc.
  • transportation identification, including DOT placards, type of road trailer, and type of rail car

Information gathered during the exercise will be used by librarians to plan future classes on the use of WISER and other NLM databases for the Harlingen Fire Department.

Librarians participate in Medical Library Association chapter meeting

The South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association held its annual meeting October 13-17 in Lubbock.  Briscoe librarians Jonquil Feldman, Katie Prentice and Peg Seger attended committee meetings and general sessions. Katie’s attendance at the meeting was sponsored by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine-South Central Region, as a recipient of a one-year Emerging Leaders Fellowship.  Jonquil was appointed to the Chapter’s Nominating Committee.

Presentations included:

  • Poster by Peg Seger, Rajia Tobia, Jonquil Feldman, and Greysi Reyna, “Outreach to South Texas Health Professionals: A legacy of over 20 years of service at the UT Health Science Center Libraries.”
  •  Paper by Jonquil Feldman, Chris Gaspard, Angela E. Myatt, Katie Prentice, Peg Seger and Rajia Tobia, “Changing All Those Changes: Staying flexible and dynamic in times of transition.”

Librarians present at Medical Library Association conference

Chris and Katie present a poster

Briscoe Librarians made two presentations at the May 2013 Medical Library Association Conference held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Katie Prentice, Angela Myatt, Luke Rosenberger, Chris Gaspard, and Eric Willman prepared the contributed paper, “Animals, Humans, and Librarians: A Library’s Partnership Experience with the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.”   The paper was based on their experiences as members of the IRB and IACUC at the UT Health Science Center.  This paper was presented by Katie Prentice during the “Librarians at Work: Building a One Health Perspective” session.

Chris Gaspard and Katie Prentice created and presented the poster “Focused Library Instruction in Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Care, and Physical Therapy Curricula.”  The paper described a basic framework that has been used to teach students in a variety of programs in all schools at the Health Science Center, and illustrated the integration of library instruction into the HSC curricula.  The poster presented results of instruction in OT, PT, and Respiratory Care programs.  The framework for library instruction in the medical, dental, and nursing schools has been represented in previous posters.

Overall, integration of library instruction into the HSC curricula continues to be a rewarding and collaborative opportunity for the HSC librarians.

Katie Prentice, Head of Education and Information Services
Chris Gaspard, Head of Access Services and Interlibrary Loan


Libraries partner with School of Nursing, others, in diabetes study

Dr. Adelita Cantu of the UT Health Science Center School of Nursing and colleagues from UTSA, the Texas Diabetes Institute, and The Libraries recently received funding from the Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science for a one-year pilot project on diabetes education. The purpose of the partnership is to learn more about how Mexican Americans with diabetes or at risk for diabetes use health information to make daily decisions about self care.

Investigators hope to determine whether participation in Salsa Caliente, a specially tailored curriculum, and enhanced education about accessing health information on the Internet will make a difference in diabetes awareness, management, and knowledge versus participation in Salsa Caliente alone.

Half of the participants in this project will receive a laptop computer to use at home and will be trained to use MedlinePlus, Healthy Texas and other reliable Internet sites. The other half of the participants will receive general education and will not have immediate access to a computer.   The project will end on April 30, 2011.

Libraries support Laredo science camp for aspiring health care professionals

Science Camp

Peg Seger, Head of Briscoe Library Outreach Services, taught health literacy and database search skills to students enrolled in Summer Science Camp.

Peg Seger, Head of Briscoe Library Outreach Services, provided two classes for the 25 students in the Summer Science Camp for aspiring health care professions held in Laredo July 15 – 26.  Students learned about health information literacy and reliable health information sites like MedlinePlus made available through the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Students also learned how to search for medical information with databases like PubMed.

The camp, sponsored by Laredo Doctors Hospital and hosted at the Regional Academic Center, was presented jointly with the Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).  The intensive two-week program was designed to enhance academic and professional preparation for traditional and non-traditional students and current working professionals  pursuing enrollment in a health profession school.

The curriculum for the camp was designed around an inter-professional framework that provided:
• Three core courses: Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology
• Discipline specific instruction time for Physician Assistant Studies, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Care, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, and Pre-Medicine
• Learning skills and test taking workshops
• Seminars featuring topics on health care professions
• Professionalism such as personal marketing, critical thinking skills, mock interviews, and group communication
• Networking and field trips


Linda Levy retires after 20 years of service


Linda Levy, Assistant Director for Branch Library and Database Services, retired on December 31 following 20 years of service to the Health Science Center.  Linda began working at the UT Health Science Center Library in 1991 as an Information Services Librarian.  She managed the library’s literature search services, including instruction in effective literature search techniques.  In 1998 she began managing the branch library at the Robert B. Green Campus, and in 2007 she became responsible for supervising the new branch library at the Laredo Regional Campus.  Linda was active in library outreach services in Laredo and San Antonio including managing several successful outreach grants. Linda also was a member of several campus committees including the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the Institutional Review Board, the School of Nursing Committee on Graduate Studies (COGS), and the Program Committee of the annual Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice.  In 2010, Linda was named to the Health Science Center’s  Academy of Master Teachers.   She has served on several committees for the Medical Library Association and the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association and has presented at numerous professional meetings.  She is an emeritus member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).

Linda plans to spend her retirement as an active volunteer for several organizations in San Antonio, and she plans to continue to enjoy her children (and hopefully grandchildren) in Chicago.  We wish Linda the best as she embarks on her well-deserved retirement and we express our gratitude for her many years of dedication to Health Science Center faculty, students and staff and the profession of librarianship.

Rajia Tobia, Executive Director of Libraries

Methicillin Resistent Staph Aureus: Librarians receive NN/LM funding to produce educational video

CTSA AwardFor the second year in a row, librarians at the UT Health Science Center have been the recipients of the CTSA Community Engagement Award from the South Central Region (SCR) of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM). The $15,000 award is given to librarians at a regional institution in the SCR that is a recipient of an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA). Initiated in 2012, the award seeks to assist in the development of community engagement projects that identify and promote the role of librarians working in partnership with researchers at CTSA institutions.

As a result of the award, librarians at the Briscoe Library will coordinate the production of a consumer-oriented educational video addressing the risks, prevention, and treatment of CA-MRSA (community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). CA-MRSA is a significant health problem in the United States, particularly in the South and Southwest. A clear need for culturally appropriate educational materials about CA-MRSA, also known as “staph infection”, has been established through a recent study involving counties in South Texas.

Librarians will work with two CTSA-funded Pharm.D. content consultants, staff and interns at the South Central AHEC, and the university’s Video Production staff to develop the CA-MRSA video.  The video will be made available to community-based health care clinics in South Texas and ultimately to wider audiences through the use of social media and submission for inclusion in MedlinePlus®, the online consumer-oriented health site produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

For more information about the award or the video project, contact Peg Seger at

National Medical Librarians Month

nmlm_poster_2013_smThe Medical Library Association dedicates each October to celebrating National Medical Librarians Month, to bring attention to the professionals who provide expert assistance to students, faculty, health care providers and the public in health science libraries.

The 2013  theme of National Medical Librarians Month is “Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives.” Medical librarians’ knowledge of resources, search skills, and response time ensures that medical professionals receive the highest quality health information available.

Librarians partner with departments, programs, offices, and courses to offer training and support for education, research, clinical activity, and community service. To learn more about what we do or to request assistance from a librarian, please contact us or browse our Annual Reports and Making Lives Better page.  If you would like to tell us your opinion of our collections, services, staff or facilities, or to make a suggestion for improvement, send an email to

UT Health Science Center Librarians:

Kathy Carter, MLIS, Ramirez Library Librarian, Harlingen
Anne Comeaux, MLS, CRM, Records Management Officer, Assistant Director for Digital and Special Collections
Jonquil Feldman, MALS, Director of Briscoe Library and Outreach Services
Lisa Finnie, MLS, Collection Resources Librarian
Chris Gaspard, MSLS, Head of Access Services and Interlibrary Loan
Susan Hunnicutt, MLIS, Special Projects Librarian
Kelly Minars, MLIS, Web Services Librarian
Angela Myatt, M.Sc., Curriculum Liaison Librarian
Katie Prentice, MSIS, Head of Education and Information Services
Greysi Reyna, MLS, Assistant Director for the Ramirez Library, Harlingen
Andrea Schorr, MSIS, Acquisitions and Cataloging Librarian
Peg Seger, MLIS, Head of Outreach Services
Rajia Tobia, AMLS, Executive Director of Libraries
John Weed, MSIS, Head of Collection Resources
Dana Whitmire, MSLS, Electronic Resources Librarian
Eric Willman, MSIS, Head of Library Technology