Briscoe Library 24/7 Hours for Spring Exams

The Briscoe Library will extend its hours for 24/7 study during fall semester final exams.  The library will be open 24 hours/day starting on the evening of Monday, April 27 and extending through the night of May 8. To accommodate School of Medicine students, the library will also be open 24 hours/day on May 18 through May 22.

Extended hours are only available to HSC ID card holders and entry will be through ID card swipe at the library entrance.  All students, faculty and staff MUST have their HSC ID with them in order to remain in the library during overnight hours. Non-Health Science Center library users may use the library during regular hours.  The classroom area on the 2nd floor of the Briscoe Library is also available for 24/7 study throughout the year.

The Calendar below shows the hours at a glance.

Briscoe Library Spring Exam and Memorial Weekend Hours