Faculty Survey – Recommend a Journal

In the recent Faculty Survey conducted by Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, a number of questions were asked about satisfaction with library services, resources and facilities.  Overall, responses were very positives about the library and its librarians and staff.  Approximately 94% of faculty who completed the survey noted that they were satisfied with services provided by the library.  A number of areas were identified in the free text comment section of the survey that are areas for improvement.  One thorny problem noted was difficulty in accessing the library’s online resources.  This is no surprise considering that the library through its website provides access to thousands of ejournals, ebooks and databases from a number of different publishers and vendors.  Whenever a problem is encountered, it is helpful to contact a librarian so the source of the problem can be identified and fixed.  Sending an email to AskALibrarian@uthscsa.edu should help in getting access problems resolved.

Several faculty commented that the library did not have journals they need.  In July and August, librarians finalize journal subscriptions for the next calendar year, so it would be very helpful to hear from faculty if there are titles that the library should consider for subscription.  To recommend a journal title for subscription or a book for purchase, contact John Weed, Head of Collection Resources, weedj@uthscsa.edu, 210/567-2479.