Historical Medical Instruments on Display at Local Heritage Center

Nestled in the heart of downtown is the newly designed Bexar Heritage Center, a project which began its development in early 2017 as part of a idea spearheaded by County Judge Nelson Wolff. The goal of the Center is to preserve the historical roots of Bexar County and highlight the accomplishments of the county government. The Bexar Heritage Center officially opened it’s doors in October of 2019 and features a series of interactive exhibits that provide a glimpse into Bexar County’s historic treasures and culture. Among these treasures are medical instruments from the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library loaned to the county for display as part of the Healing Arts exhibit. Items on display include an ophthalmology kit, doctor’s bag, brass scarificator, and a pharmaceutical case just to name a few.

The Bexar Heritage Center is located at 100 Dolorosa Street and is free and open to the public. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM.