New Trial – Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy

The library is offering a trial on Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy from July 15 – September 18, 2020. 

For students who don’t have access to dissection facilities, the Video Atlas provides an appreciation of the real human body and a direct understanding of the mechanics of body movement. Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy uses fresh, unembalmed specimens that retain the color, texture, mobility of the living human body. A concise synchronized narration runs throughout the program. As each new structure is shown, its name appears on the screen.

Features include:

  • 360 view of specimens accompanied by clear narration and labeled structures
  • Quick navigation to desired sections by region or via A-Z index
  • Choice of the complete 5-volume collection or specific body region
  • Available online and optimized for mobile devices
  • Exams to test your knowledge (Must create a personal account)

For details about each volume, see our libguide and let us know what you think of the resource by filling out the survey.