4th Floor Closures

Empty metal shelves on the 4th floor.

The 4th Floor of the library will be closed for study between December 18th, 2023 and January, 28th 2024. Some work will also be taking place on the weekends during this period.

Why the closure?

We will be making updates to the sprinkler system on the 4th floor and removing the metal shelving to open up more study space. This may cause significant noise and disruption, which may be audible on other floors of the library. For safety, the floor will be accessible only to work crews.

Where can I study?

In the meantime there are alternative sites for study in the library.

  • 2nd Floor – Classrooms not actively in use can be used for study.
  • 3rd Floor – Open for collaborative study and group study rooms.
  • 5th Floor – Temporary quiet study, and group and individual study rooms.
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